Colon Cleanser Best Buys for 2011

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Colon cleansing (colon therapy) includes several alternative medical treatments for removal of faecal & non-specific toxic substances from the digestive tract. Colon therapy is done in duo ways namely – colonic irrigation or cleansing regimes (orally taken) like dietetic supplements.

Several types of colonic irrigation is done by using enema for injecting water, at times coalesced with herb forms or some liquid inside the large intestines through the rectal aperture deploying specialized equipments. Oral clearing regimens deploy dietetic fibre, supplement or laxative. Several consultants consider that accruing of rotting feces start lining the colon walls & begin harbouring parasitic forms or pathogen gut vegetation and being causal to non-specific signs & symptoms & overall infirmity.

The health assertions put forth by several colon cleanser brands as well as colon irrigation doctors are wide-ranging like:

  • Improvement in immune system.
  • Improvement in outlook mentally.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Lowered colon cancer risk.

Here is a short-listing of the most popularly chosen colon cleanser brands.


Bowtrol colon cleanser has totally innate herbs constituents, rapid-action, non-irritant & proffers weight-loss effect. HealthBuy is the distributor for this product (costs around forty dollars) which has ninety-five percent success rate surpassing that of other contenders in the market.

Natures Colon Rescue
This product is claimed to remove out excessive toxic matter & non-processed food items, promotes weight reduction of ten to twenty pounds due to such purging effect, averts constipated, bloated feeling & gassiness, obliterates dire parasitic forms and prevents agonizing indigestion signs.

Dual Action Cleanse
Along with cleansing out the colon it additionally brings about complete detoxification of the body by draining off toxic & detrimental substances. The product is obtainable in duo-bottle set of Total Body Purifier plus Colon Clear Formula costing around eighty dollars.


ColoThin has become immensely popular among its users as it effectually gets rid of non-digested foods & harmful wastes that sit around in the colon thus adding bulk to your body – gradually putrefying & forming plaques that adhere to the colon wall. ColoThin can actively remove any substance lying around in the digestive tract and for those people whose key purpose from a colon cleanser product is weight reduction then this is the right choice.

Important Note
Weight reduction is the widespread motive for many individuals opting for colon cleanser products. People need to bear in mind that there would be weight loss – though body fats proportion would not likely alter. Apart from slightly revving up body metabolism, these products don’t truly burn off adipose cells from our bodies.

Another vital piece of information is how often one must be using such colon cleanser products. Several experts from this area advice that individuals must be doing colon cleanse two times in a year which is alongside the apparent recommendation of eating healthy & doing plentiful exercises.

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