Brain Exercises for Buffed Mental Muscle

With so much time dedicated towards buffing up external appearances, often the analogous efforts are lagging for chiselling mental muscle for which the expression ‘using it or losing it’ holds particularly true.

Alongside functions that could be performed everyday, the brain could even be trained by checking out ‘HAPPYneuron’ on line brain-teasers & adapted brain-fitness programme.

The mind consists of 5 key cognitive tasks, namely:
  • Attentiveness/concentration.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Recollection.
  • Optical-spatial proficiency.
  • Decision-making task.

Each one of these five regions must be regularly challenged, stimulated & effectually exercise for maintaining mental sharpness as one ages.

Here is a guide to some activities & brain exercises which could ably work on the key cognitive tasks of the brain – sparking up neural paths & links within.


Concentration or attention is needed in almost all everyday activities. Superior concentration helps a person in maintaining focus in spite of sounds or some distraction & facilitates doing on a number of tasks at one time. By just making some tweaks in routines, attention improvement is possible like for example – changing course taken to your workplace or reorganizing your bureau. What exactly is accomplished by this is that the brain is forced into waking up from any such habit & paying attention yet again. With aging, concentration duration too dips which makes people more likely to get distracted & lowers efficacy when the person multi-tasks. Hence, try to merge tasks such as listen to audio books when one works out or do maths in the head when one is cleaning up the house or cooking – all of which impels the brain into working at performing additionally in the analogous period of time.


Any cognitive activity needs memory as a critical part – like when one reads, reasons & does mental computations. A number of memory forms are operational in the brain and in concert; they are the cognitive skills that one might spot more apparently when they decline. For crisp, sharp memory at any age, training for it is necessary – which can be tricky. This can be accomplished by trying to listen to tunes, particularly ones that are new to you & attempt learning by heart the wordings. Doing so would help in boosting acetylcholine levels (chemical which aids in brain-building & improving recollection skills). Try challenging oneself a notch further by taking a shower or get dressed in darkness or use the non-dominant hand for tooth-brushing – these facilitate building novel links amid varied neural links of the brain.

Verbal communication

Verbal communication activities help in challenging our capability of recognizing, remembering & understanding wordings. They even jog slickness, grammar skills & language. Regularly practicing would help a person in expanding his awareness of novel phrases & would find greater ease in retrieving known words. For instance, in case you are an avid reader of the entertainment section of the newspaper try reading the sports segment of it. Doing so would expose you to novel words that could be simpler to comprehend when reading them in-context or their meaning could even be searched in online dictionaries – especially for those who read their news on the net. Do set aside time for understanding words in their context that would aid in building talking skills & remember retrieving these smoothly in front of seniors for making an impression.

Optical-spatial proficiency

We reside in a vibrant, 3-D world and scrutinizing optical info is needed for acting within one’s surroundings. For whetting this cognitive task, attempt to walk inside an enclosure and select six objects and their positions and attempt recalling them or their placement while exiting the area. In case this seems like child’s play then try waiting for 2-3 hours & then attempt recollecting all that. The subsequent instant one is trying to kill time, try looking directly ahead of yourself & making mental notes of whatever one is seeing ahead & to the sides of yourself. Now try recalling them & penning them down – doing so would impel you into using your memory & training the brain for focussing on the surrounding.

Decision-making task

We unconsciously deploy judgment & analysis everyday for decision-making, conjecture-building & considering the likely upshots of our deeds. Any activity that involves defining strategies for attaining needed results & calculating the correct move for reaching the target in the briefest span of time are truly enjoyable activities one does regularly – for instance social interactions, video-gaming. Even a short trip to meet a buddy bolsters cerebral performance by necessitating one in considering likely reactions & wanted results.

So, its now for you to implement some brain exercises which can help you to flex some of your brain muscles.

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