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Herbal industry has picked up worldwide due to numerous advantages. They have been used since ancient times as remedies for medicinal purposes. Compared to modern medicines, herbal medicines yet are more effective without any side effects. Many chronic diseases are cured with herbal remedies because of their distinctive features, which are still to be fully explored by the modern world.
Herbal remedies have been successful in curing common disease around the world like Asthma. Asthma is caused due to swelling and narrowing of lungs which leads to breathlessness, coughing and suffocation. Severe asthma attacks can cause death too. Therefore, it cannot be avoided or ignored.

  • Herbal tea for controlling Asthma: Herbal teas are considered the most effective and easiest decongestants; which means they are helpful in relieving mucHerbal teaus blocking of the upper respiratory system. Herbal tea helps in relaxing the respiratory system along with the body muscles. As a result, there are fewer chances of breathlessness and chest tightness.
  • Honey a common remedy: Honey is a well-known remedy for asthmatics. A tablespoon of honey in herbal tea helps smooth breathing for asthma patients. Herbalists advice for the combination of honey and tea to be taken thrice a day. Honey along with cinnamon powder can be slow but effective treatment for people suffering from Asthma.

So if you know anyone suffering from asthma you can advise them these quick and affordable remedies. Herbal products are definitely the alternative medicine for the modern medicines. Despite the introduction of advanced technologies and medicines herbal products are most preferable due to minimal chances of side-effects caused. Not only for asthma but everyday a cup of herbal tea can remove all toxics from your body and acts as an excellent body energizer.

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