Colloidal Silver 101

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Colloidal Silver is an innate antibiotic with virus and fungus combating properties since use for the past seven to eight decades. A cost-effective, internal or external use antibiotic and is an ideal choice for those individuals who have become resistant to antibiotics.

Outcomes of a 1970-conducted study by a physician Robert Becker for re-generation of limb, organ and spinal cord found that silver encouraged bone development alongside annihilating detrimental bacteria in adjacent areas. Further research showed that colloidal silver was an able broad-spectrum anti-microbial and effectively obliterated infections like typhoid, staph, strep, conjunctivitis, urinary tract and wound infections, anthrax among several others. It has the reputation to be helpful in a number of ailments like malaria, cancer, AIDS, athlete’s foot, herpes, prostatis and shingles. Due to its germ-obliterating properties it is at times employed in bandaging for preventing infections and it has additionally been employed for treating drinking water.

Colloidal Silver – How is it used?

Colloidal silverColloidal silver comprising of miniscule silver particles suspended in liquid form taken via oral course and also obtainable in spray form or topical application to skin or in shot form.

Colloidal silver is obtainable in 2 basic concentrations namely fifty and hundred ppm (parts per million). It is crucial that these two concentrations be kept handy as they cure in diverse manner.

In case of eye ailments, nasal or ear drops, the fifty ppm is believed to have better efficacy and lesser likelihood of causing stinging. In case of sicknesses and infections, five hundred ppm is deemed ideal.

Colloidal silver is to be stored in dark area and must be bought in dim glass container. Usually an ounce to be taken four times during a day in case of five hundred ppm is effectual in case of ailments. An over-dosage (blue tinge) is likely solely when there has been excess or improper usage spanning over protracted times of years rather than month or weeks time spans.

Other benefits of using Colloidal silver are:

  • Plants development is stimulated due to silver. Flowers stay fresher for more time when silver particles are employed.
  • Fruits and veggies when rinsed with silver prior to storage would help in maintaining their freshness for longer.
  • Canker sore, tooth ache is ebbed and it has been known to obliterate gingivitis-causing bacteria.
  • Ideal to be used on nails of finger and toes and for treatment of fungal infections affecting the ears.
  • When sprayed into footwear and nooks and corners of toes it effectually kills fungus and treats athletes’ foot.

In the U.S. and Australia it is banned to promote colloidal silver for medical usage, but there are numerous web sites that do promote it as cure for a host of ailments.

There is still dearth of medical study or data to publicize colloidal silver as an effectual cure for several health conditions and this metal is not a vital mineral required by human body.

Colloidal silver could react with certain drugs inclusive of thyroxine, quinolone, tetracycline and penicillamine.

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