What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Jock Itch?

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Medically, jock itch is commonly referred to as tinea cruris. The other name for this fungal infection is ringworm of groin. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the common signs of jock itch.

Signs and symptoms of jock itchPatients with jock itch experience itching sensation in their groin area, which is the most frequently occurring sign of the fungal infection. The itching caused by jock itch might be extremely uncomfortable; in some patients the itching sensation gradually reaches the body parts like anus and upper thighs from the groin. Jock itch is a contagious condition and can infect people coming in contact with the infected clothing and contaminated skin. The irritation caused by the infection can increase if you scratch the affected body parts. Frequent scratching may also augment the risk of spreading of the fungal infection to the other body parts of the patient.

The next most common sign of jock itch is formation of unusual skin lesions around the groin area. The skin lesions caused by jock itch appear in form of circular and elevated rashes, which are mostly flaky and dry in nature. Some also develop blisters filled with fluids in their genitals. BurstiJock itchng of these blisters will result in oozing of the excess fluid leading to further discomforts for the patient. The skin lesions are often accompanied by other signs like burning sensations. These symptoms of jock itch tend to become even worse due to physical activities, excessive sweating and wearing tight clothing.

Another sign of jock itch is skin discoloration. The infected skin areas of these patients turn inflamed, red and irritated. Some might also develop skin patches that appear lighter or darker than their normal skin tone. The skin discoloration caused by jock itch can occur in body parts like genitals, groin, upper thighs and the anus. If treated with the right medications, skin discoloration due to this fungal infection subsides completely.

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