Common FAQs on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that Vytorin as safe, although the statin Zocor is believed to has comparatively better functionality and at lesser cost. Just last year, FDA raised doubts due to the recently done trial outcomes on Vytorin that has made it query the largely acknowledged notion that lowering LDL cholesterol levels reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Especially bothersome were the observation of greater number of Vytorin users from the studies facing fatalities due to such occurrences as compared to Zocor (statin drug) users.

zocor for cholesterolThe FDA has revised its safety reassessment of cholesterol-lessening medications and reiterated its stance that elevated LDL levels is a heart risk factor hence reducing it is considered optimal for health.

The beginning of last year, physicians were flooded with calls from apprehensive Vytorin users (a single tablet combo having Zocor plus non-statin Zetia). A seven hundred plus entrant study at large by Vytorin’s United States distributor have revealed that the medicine had no greater functionality as compared to the similar dosage of Zocor by itself at preventing plaque accruement in the arteries located in the neck (a clear and direct indicator of the condition of the arteries present in the heart).

What must be made on the buzz about Vyotorin intake and its increased links to more fatalities and heart attacks among its users?

These events were quite less and the study was quite small-scaled to be able to derive any form of conclusion regarding cardiovascular occurrences. A small-scaled study during the mid of last year indicated the probable chances of cancer due to Vytorin intake though no conclusive proof of any links were found.

Should Vytorin users cease taking the drug?

Above and beyond the inconsequential cases of heart problems, there has been no suggestion of liver functioning issues due to Vytorin intake that is often an indicator of problem.

Why were there deductions on Vytorin having greater efficacy as compared to Zocor by itself?

Vytorin was approved six years back following the outcome of clinical tests. The merged 1-2 clout of a statin that hindered cholesterol being produced in the liver and Zetia that prevents the matter from being taken up by the intestines, lowering LDL cholesterol levels to nearly twenty percent greater as compared to Zocor is capable of on its own. Long-standing studies on Zocor and the statin Lipitor (greater potency statin) has proven that drastically lesser LDL helps in reducing heart ailments.

vytorin for cholesterolShould Vytorin be a choice among those desiring to reduce their cholesterol levels?

Several specialists believe that Vytorin must not be the foremost choice as a cholesterol-reducing medicine. The medical advantages and side effects of Zocor are well-established, whereas Zetia (the non-statin element of Vytorin) has yet not garnered that must of credence. Vytorin additionally continues to be a choice for people that are on an elevated-dosage statin and experiencing muscular or joint pains, feeling weak or discomforting sensations. The dosage of Zocor in Vytorin could be as squat as ten milligrams, 1/8th of the max.

Taking Costing into consideration about Cholesterol-reducing drugs?

Vytorin is costlier as compared to simvastatin (generically obtainable version of Zocor) presently produced by many manufacturing companies. Simvastatin is less costly as compared to Lipitor or Crestor, duo newly available statin brands.

Could Vytorin be stopped with no undesirable side effects being experienced?

There is dearth of proof that changing to another course of therapy would be harm-causing in anyway. Several doctors have replaced their patient’s intake of Vytorin with some other form of cholesterol-lessening medicines.

The constituents of Vytorin are a merger of ezetimibe (Zetia) and simvastatin (Zocor) which is a statin. Vytorin has been for long been embroiled in controversies due to inadequate proof to show that it has better efficacy as compared to merely a statin only. Scientific studies have illustrated a higher lowering of the chances of heart attacks or strokes following intake of Vytorin as compared to just statin. Hence, several doctors advise their patients to use Zocor only as a substitute to Vytorin.

Among those individuals requiring further lowering in their cholesterol levels which simvastatin can provide, then statins with greater potency like Lipitor and Crestor are prescribed. However, these two drugs are unavailable in generic versions, hence they could be costlier. But, among other individuals having quite elevated cholesterol levels, a statin by itself could not be that effectual and Zetia would be advised to them.

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