Donning nicotine patches for Six Months Could Assist in Smoke Cessation

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All those trying really hard to kick the butt, donning nicotine patches for close to 6 months – far more than what is usually suggested could raise one’s  likelihood of quitting smoking, a new-fangled study has revealed.

The study backed by National Cancer Institute along with National Institute on Drug Abuse has shown that despite being on the lengthier treatment, the likelihood of successful smoking cessation are solely 1in 7.

Lead authors of the study expounded that there is a postulation that nicotine addiction is a severe condition that could be cured with short-spanning treatment. Hence, authors believe that smokers need to speak to their physicians regarding if it would be reasonable for them to keep using the nicotine patches for extensive time spans as a substitute to relapsing to smoking.

nicotine patchesThe patches are believed to lower yearnings and withdrawal signs by gradual and steady release of nicotine dosages via the skin’s surface. The most recent recommendation provided by the U.S. Public Health Service is that those smoking and attempting to cease this habit could employ the nicotine patches for 8 weeks or lesser, though few brand names of nicotine patches are intended to be deployed for close to ten weeks.

During the latest study conducted, 568 grown up smokers that were in ideal health had worn a twenty-one mg nicotine patch – Nicotine CQ brand name – for 8 weeks. During that time, half the smokers kept wearing the patch for a further sixteen weeks, whereas the other half of smokers wore a similar placebo nicotine patch for a similar time span.

Subsequent to twenty-four weeks, thirty-two percent of the entrants that were given nicotine patch for the time span had not indulged in smoking in the past week, in comparison to merely twenty percent of those smokers that were offered the placebo nicotine patch. In case the entrants did smoke during that week was substantiated by verifying breath samples for carbon monoxide traces.

The lengthier nicotine treatment additionally showed greater efficacy when more stringent measure to quit was employed. During the twenty-fourth week mark, nineteen percent of the individuals that had worn the nicotine patch all through had not indulged in smoking even a single bud since having quit in comparison to thirteen percent from the placebo set.

Individuals that had worn the nicotine patch for a complete twenty-four weeks were additionally more disposed to attempt to cease once more if they transitorily gave into their cravings. The investigators also noted that in case a person slipped and did smoke a couple of fags or even a whole bud, they would be more prone to returning to abstaining from smoking in case they were on the nicotine patch.

quit smokingFollowing a year, there was no major variation in between the two sets in the proportion of study entrants that stayed smoke free. Merely fourteen percent of individuals in either set had not indulged in smoking in the past week – which underscores how tough it is to quit nicotine dependence.

Several smoke-cessation specialists have come to the realization that merely donning the patch for 8-10 weeks is not sufficient in case of majority of the smokers.

The lead author of the study said that there was no proof that donning the nicotine patch for lengthier periods is risky as the duo sets of entrants from the study had no significant variations in side effects.

Nicotine patches convey a comparatively pure version dosage of the drug whereas cigarettes have chemical additive agents that were proven to be cancer causing.

Some smoke-cessation experts’ advice their patients on staying on the nicotine patch till they are free from any cigarette yearnings and withdrawal signs for 2 weeks after which they are weaned off gradually using smaller-sized patches.

Those with acute withdrawal signs would do better with lengthier use of nicotine patches. However, each case of smoker is different with some capable of quitting with short treatments whereas others would require longer nicotine replacement treatment.

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