Reasons to Quit Smoking – Part II

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  • The body of a smoker has a tendency of clearing out caffeine fifty-six percent more swiftly as compared to those who do not smoke. Due to this one must reduce caffeine consumption to half when one is quitting or be risking some grave irate behaviour and sleeplessness.
  • In case a woman smoker is using the pill then she should ideally stop either of the two since oral birth control pill intake has been linked to chances of developing clot, cardiac attacks, stroke; such risks are augmented in case one smokes.
  • Since smoking has been found to affect liver enzymes which carry out processing of some medications hence those who smoke would at times require taking elevated dosages for getting the analogous outcome. Hence, one of the favourable reasons to quit smoking is being able to curb one’s dose of particular medicines.
  • Smoke cessation means lesser likelihood of burning the home down. A research finding suggested that individuals residing in smoke-filled houses were nearly six times more prone to experiencing fire-related injuries as compared to those residing in non-smoking homes. Another research outcome found that cigarette buds were the reason for fifty-five percent of all domestic fires that involves death. On the whole, cigarette buds are the prevailing reason for deaths due to housing fires.
  • Reasons to quit smokingReduced risk of developing Crohn’s disease is yet another one of the several favourable reasons to quit smoking. Those who smoke are 4 folds more prone to developing this acute and at times incapacitating condition that causes agony, regular loose bowels and the need to undergo intestinal surgery.
  • Smoke cessation would also mean saving on a lot of money that could then be used for purchasing other necessary items. Although on-line purchase of cigarettes would mean saving a lot of bucks but then one would be backing a seedy business.
  • Lowered risk of developing cardiovascular disease and heart attacks as a smoker is 2-4 folds more at risk of suffering from coronary heart ailment as compared to a non-smoker. Also a cigarette smoker having coronary heart ailment is additionally at a two folds greater risk of suffering an abrupt heart fatality as compared to a non-smoker having the heart condition.
  • Smoke cessation would also mean lesser likelihood of death due to brain tumors since brain is a commonly noted location for lung cancer metastasizing. Radiation therapy might at times be given on the brain despite no cancer detection in this crucial location.
  • Due to cigarette smoking there are greater chances of tobacco discolouring the teeth and thus the need to undergo professionally done teeth cleaning procedure costing around five hundred to a thousand dollars.
  • After a decade of smoking, the skin ages more swiftly due to the blood vessels in the skin constricting and harming the tissues responsible for making the skin elastic and taut.
  • Another one of the crucial reasons to quit smoking is that it cuts the risk of acid reflux. In case of those who have engaged in smoking for two decades, there is seventy percent greater likelihood of developing acid reflux as compared to those not smoking.

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