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In spite of being asymptomatic, individuals who carry the genital herpes virus could spread it to a sex mate on ten percent of the occasions.

Outcome is drawn on the basis of a large-scaled trial which did an everyday genital swab collection from almost five hundred individuals with HSV-2 (herpes simplex virus type 2) the genital herpes viral form. Several of them (18 percent) of them believed that weren’t infected, however, much to their utter shock & disbelief, discovered that they were indeed carrying herpes virus when they went through blood analysis.

It isn’t that tricky to spot virus carriers since sixteen percent of people in America have HSV-2 infections. Most of them (seventy-five to ninety percent) are unaware of having contracted the infection since they don’t develop or spot herpes virus sore formations on their genital region.

Such asymptomatic carriers are shedding communicable virus ten percent of the thirty or more days they were in the trial, cites Univ. of Washington scientists A. Wald & associates. On almost all occasions, such individuals had no apparent indication of herpes infection whilst they were active virus shedders. Majority of the people are unaware of the herpes virus presence since symptoms experienced could be mild-ranging or could be attributed to something else like yeast infections, scraping (rubbing), jock itch.

The key worry of several HSV 2 sero+ve individuals is the possibility of transmitting to sexual mates which according to the scientists is the key root-cause of anguish among genital herpes sufferers, the scientists group noted in the latest edition of JAMA.

Non-symptomatic infected individuals would be shedding the virus merely around fifty percent as frequently as do symptomatic herpes-infected individuals. However, when such people shed the viral form, they do so to just as great an extent as individuals who are frequently symptomatic (except when they have an active virus spate).

This recent trial is the biggest one till date to have probed the matter & additionally deploying a sensitive DNA test for virus detection. This meant that the scientists were capable of giving a more lucid approximation of the frequency of viral shedding in these people.

Other notable observations by the study team include:
  • Males having genital herpes infection are shedding the transmittable viral form just as frequently as females do.
  • Males could even be shedding the transmittable herpes viral form via normal-seeming skin of the genitals.
  • Infection with herpes simplex 1 virus (the ones causing cold sores) doesn’t make an individual shed herpes simplex 2 virus more or less frequently.
  • It is unclear about the extent of genital herpes virus form necessary for infecting an individual, though proof indicates that just a ‘comparatively modest shedding event’ could be infecting a sex mate.
  • Individuals having 8 or more genital herpes flare-ups annually are shedding transmittable virus on thirty-one percent of the occasion. Individuals who experience 1-7 flare-ups annually are shedding the transmittable virus on nineteen percent of the occasion.
  • During the Wald trial, Caucasians were observed to be shedding the virus at a greater frequency as compared to non-Caucasians, however there were hardly any non-Caucasians in the trial, hence the outcome is dubious.

Since telling if a sex mate is an active virus shedder can be rather tricky & unattainable hence preventative measures would basically hinge on discerning if or not one has the infection by a basic blood analysis.

In case of individuals knowing or suspecting that they or their sex mates are carrying the genital herpes virus, the below mentioned advice must be strictly followed for cutting the risk of virus spread to half.

  • Using condoms.
  • Everyday usage of the herpes medicine valacyclovir or Valtrex.
  • Informing your sex mate(s) about yourself having the genital herpes infection.

These trio approaches have been found to lower transmission by thirty to fifty percent.

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