Osteoarthritis Myths Debunked

Osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) is one of most pervasive conditions affecting people, still several misconceptions related to it abound. As per recent study findings, preliminary signs and symptoms of a secondary condition could be present in comparatively younger individuals. Injuries, being overweight or obese, a sedentary & unhealthy lifestyle & heritable conditions are some of the decisive risk factors that are causal to joint cartilage wearing away.

Here are some of the most widespread osteoarthritis myths de-clobbered.

Myth# 1 – Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis are tantamount

The reality is the osteoporosis is condition of bone fragility because of reduced bone mineral density making the person more susceptible to fracture while osteoarthritis is a joint condition arising due to lost cartilage (a protein matter which functions as a cushioning agent in the inter-bone areas of the joints) in the joint areas.

Myth# 2 – Only the elderly are affected

This is the commonest wrong belief regarding the condition. Even though osteoarthritis risk augments with aging, it could afflict people irrespective of age. In countries like India, osteoarthritis ranks second as the most common condition in people lying in the age group of twenty-five to thirty years old & affecting over twelve percent of the populace.

Myth# 3 – Osteoarthritis is not treatable

Although cure for osteoarthritis hasn’t still been found, studies reveal that when the condition is diagnosed earlier on & aptly managed it could aid in allaying pains & immobility/ disablement linked to several arthritis forms.

Myth# 4 – Wintry season is the offender

It is widely believed that chilly or wintry climatic conditions can be causal to osteoarthritis. The reality is that cold climate could solely be aggravating pains & rigidity in joints though in no way affecting disease advancement.

Myth# 5 – Osteoarthritis is not in one’s genes

This condition definitely has genetic association & observed to be common in the female gender. They have a tendency of developing osteoarthritis in the analogous joint areas & approximately the analogous age alike their moms.

Myth# 6 – Stilettos or lofty heel wearers are at elevated risk for osteoarthritis

There is a common tendency of believing that those who walk in tall heels are self-afflicting long-lasting harm to their knees & back which is actually untrue. Using inapt footwear is causal to pains in the spinal region which leads to back pains.

Myth# 7 – Stepping up for calorific burnout

Many individual consider that the use of staircases is a fine exercise though regrettably it only placed load on the knee areas leading to pains that sooner or later are causal to osteoarthritis of the knees.

Smart Tips for Countering Osteoarthritis
  • Being watchful about your weight. Faulty eating practices & unavoidable lifestyle alterations facilitate weight gain. Thus, exercising, physiotherapy, medicines & lifestyle amendments are a necessity.
  • Surgical intervention cannot be the foremost choice however it has to be considered when osteoarthritis pains fail to assuage or be bought under control with drugs & other therapies or pains are incapacitating and hindering quality of existence.
  • Complementary therapy – among the popularly opted therapies lately is a 5-shot set administered which postpones the inception & advancement of the osteoarthritis in patient populaces. It is pain-free & aids in effectually managing the condition.
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