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Within our bodies, a platoon of antioxidants are shielding us from the ravages of ailments and aging. Yet despite these stellar nutrients being internally produced, they often fall short in their fight against damaging free radicals around us. Hence, focus is to be directed towards food supply wherein the body could take advantage of safeguarding substances present in foods high in antioxidants around us.

Antioxidants surely rock and here is an elucidation of varied foods high in antioxidants.


This trace mineral surely overachieves by doing dual duty of acting as an antioxidant as well as revving up the body’s innate antioxidant-producing process. A research finding done at the Univ. of Arizona and Cornell Univ. on 1312 skin cancer sufferers found that those receiving two hundred micrograms selenium every day for a decade lowered their chances of any form of cancer-related fatality by eighteen percent in comparison to those patients taking placebo. Ideally every person should be aiming for fifty-five micrograms of selenium on a daily basis and the best sources being shrimps (around 33 micrograms/three ounces), snappers (41 micrograms/three ounces) and Brazil nut (96 micrograms/nut).

Foods High In AntioxidantsVitamin E

This antioxidant combats cardiovascular ailment, bolsters immunity and aids in impeding damage to cells that often pave way for the onset of skin cancer. Vitamin E also helps stave off battering of time from becoming apparent on our faces. A Korea-based research done on rodent models found that after exposure to ultraviolet sun’s rays those mice had lesser likelihood of developing wrinkling when they were given vitamin E (alongside a couple of other antioxidants). One must be ideally aiming for fifteen mg daily intake ideally obtained from sunflower seeds (ten milligrams/ounce), peanut butter (around three milligrams/two tablespoons) and hazelnut (around four milligrams/ounce).

Vitamin C
High antioxidants foods

Not simply a cold-fighter, it additionally shields the DNA and assists better usage of vitamin E. Study finding have suggested that vitamin C has the capability of protecting blood vessels and lowering cardiovascular ailment and stroke risk. Research outcome of a 6-year lasting evaluation of 5197 individuals from the Erasmus Medical Center, Netherlands found that those people who took increasing amounts of C were found to have the least stroke risk. Hence, one must be ideally be aiming for seventy-five mg best obtained from papaya (around 188 milligrams/fruit), broccoli (around 81 milligrams/cupful) and bell pepper (119 milligrams/cupful).


Carotenoid pigment aids in shielding the skin, eyes from the harm of the sun’s rays. During a trial on 5836 Dutch found that those who consumed beta-carotene, one among the several carotenoids – was observed to lower chances of macular degeneration, the prevailing reason for eyesight failure. One should be ideally be aiming for carotenoids 2310 IU for vitamin A (a beta carotene type) from foods like carrot, spinach and butternut squashes.


This antioxidant puts cancer-causative enzymes in a deadlock. Outcomes of a trial conducted on 1400 individuals from the Univ. of Texas, M D Anderson Cancer Center showed that those individuals who consumed greater amounts of isothiocyanate found in certain food types lessened their bladder cancer risks by twenty-nine percent. Vegetables from the crucifer family are ideally high in isothiocyanates.


Columbia University investigators conducted a study on 980 individuals and observed that those who consumed wine (high in flavonoid, a polyphenol type) 3 glasses a day had a lesser likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. In a UK-based study, the polyphenol presence in cocoa has been found to reduce development of duo bacterial forms which could elicit gum disease. The foods high in antioxidants polyphenols are pinot noir, teas, dark chocolates (more cocoa contents) and coffee.


Also known as coenzyme Q10 is a cell-shielding mechanism additionally associated with being a migraine staving means due to it being capable of protecting the brain cells and also lowering blood pressure. The ideal sources of CoQ10 are fishes, chicken fillet, and lean cuts of beef.

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