Protein: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Irrespective of whether one is intent on building muscle or losing weight, protein would always be an important addition to one’s diet. Protein is crucial for varied physiological tasks ranging from bone to muscle-building to maintain cells in ideal functioning order. The perception of protein could be quite baffling to even seasoned nutritionists. The following are solution to all confounding queries about protein that would help in segregating cartilage from pulp.

What is the average daily protein requirement for a male?

The average protein requirement is based on if one is working out or not and how arduous one’s workout truly is. In average male having a sedentary desk job protein requirement per day is 0.36 grams/pound body weight.

ProteinHowever, exercising could almost double these needs with endurance athletic people suggested 0.5-0.7 grams of protein/pound body weight. These figures shoot up to 0.7-0.8 grams/pound body weight in case of strength sportspersons. In case one has been targeting one gram protein/pound body weight or above then one is simply exceeding the normal recommended numbers. The body would be incapable of processing the surplus calories which would finally land up as fat in the body.

Would curbing carbohydrates aid in swifter muscle growth?

As effectual as high-protein diet is for weight reduction, one would yet require fats and carbohydrates for maximal muscle development. The body employs carbs for energy while exercising. In case one’s carbohydrate reserve is squat, the body would be compelled to employ protein as a substitute fuel resource and the muscle growth would not be that much as when the muscles would be fed a combination of carbohydrates and proteins. Fat is crucial for producing testosterone which helps in muscle building. Research has shown that men that consumed higher fatty diets additionally had greater levels of testosterone.

Can excess protein intake be detrimental?

Studies have indicated that excess protein intake could lead to dehydration and could raise one’s chances of developing kidney stones, osteoporosis, some cancer forms and gout. However, research has additionally revealed that excess in any form, vitamin intake to even water could be dire to a person’s health. The gist is that too much fat and carbohydrates are still linked with health hazards, however the accomplishment of high protein diet must not be a justification to wolf down as entire squealer or a complete side of squawk. It is imperative to always keep tabs on one’s appetite.

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