Cranberry Juice – Handy Hangover Cure

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Waking up with severe headaches, feelings of nausea, extreme weakness, dizziness, and dehydration are basically upshots of previous night’s tippling. Usually, you feel like someone is clubbing your head. Binge drinking also upsets your stomach and increases body aches. One may get confused and mortified about being hit with a new disease. Well, it is not any disease, you have got a hangover and regretting later for overdoing alcohol consumption is basically pointless.

Excessive consumption of alcohol essentially ruins the functioning of various organs in your body. It increases the level of dehydration in the body and affects your circulatory system. Thus, it is essential to care for your body once you have boozed. You may even take numerous precautions before boozing, to escape from hangovers. Drink ample amounts of water before going to any booze party, so that you remain hydrated for long hours. Eat some nutritional food and never drink alcohol on an empty stomach as it might cause gastric troubles and stomach cramps. Eat food while you are drinking and avoid consumption of alcohols that contain artificial sweeteners as they raise levels of sugar in the blood stream.

It is best to avoid popping in some pills for tackling a hangover as one has already disturbed internal organs and hormonal system of the body. Thus, it is essential for your body to heal naturally. It will take time but it is best to opt for natural healing without causing any more harm to the body. Many simple remedies help in the treatment of hangover like:

Cranberry JuiceConsume ample amounts of fruits that are packed with vitamin C. Oranges, cantaloupes, kiwi, strawberry, and cranberry are good sources of vitamin C. Drink ample amounts of fruit juice as they provide instant energy to combat extreme weakness. Cranberry juice is very effective in healing effects of hangover. This juice is extracted from fresh cranberries and is beneficial without sugar. It is found that cranberry juice is a rich source of vitamin C and contains good amount of antioxidant agents. These agents are responsible for removing all toxic matter from the body. Hence they even flush out all alcoholic substances that are harmful to your blood stream.

Due to vitamin C presence, cranberry juice provides amazing levels of nutrients that does wonders for tackling acute weakness. It helps in improving and strengthening immune system for combating numerous infections in the body. A strong immune system also keeps away all bacterial forms which cause infections. Hence, drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. You may drink cranberry juice twice a day to cure hangovers. Do not add any artificial sweeteners to the drink. Dilute one part of water with two parts of cranberry extracts to prepare its juice.

While buying always remember to check the labelling behind the juice packages. Do not buy juice that contains artificial preservatives and sweeteners. They tend to trigger more problems, thus drink 100% fresh cranberry juice to overcome hangovers. Apart from this juice, you may even drink lemon water, ginger teas, or basil tea. Eat lots of fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits to combat weakness. Use cold compresses for treating headaches. Even placing your hand in hot water alleviates pain during severe headaches.

These innate cures will aid in overcoming hangovers peacefully and naturally.

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