Spartacus Workout Program – Dare to Take it up?

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Spartacus Workout program is a type of circuit workout program building strength alongside challenging aerobic capability.

The ten exercises included in the Spartacus workout program are intended at jointly working every area of the body, with a minute-lasting station for each exercise for challenging the cardiovascular and lung capacity along with muscle strength. Performing a single set of every exercise in sequence and doing every exercise for a minute’s time and targeting a weight that is testing enough for fifteen to twenty repetitions. Moving in-between exercises in fifteen seconds and resting for two minutes subsequent to having concluded all the ten exercises. It is advisable doing the complete circuit of ten exercises thrice in a week leaving a gap of a single day in between.

Goblet SquatsGoblet Squats

Engaging both hands, grasping a dumbbell end in a manner that it is held perpendicularly in front of the chest and standing with feet slightly placed apart, ahead of shoulder width. Maintaining back in an innate arch posture, pushing the hips back, bending the knees and lowering the body till the top-part of the thighs are in the least, parallel to the ground. Pausing and pushing oneself up to the beginning stance.

Mountain Climber

Assuming a push-up pose and maintaining arms totally in a straight line. Do not let the lower back stance to vary, lifting the left foot away from the ground and moving left knee close to the chest area. Returning to the beginning stance with the left leg headed for the chest region. The next step would be alternating backwards and forwards for the time span of the exercise set.

Single Arm Dumbbell SwingsSingle Arm Dumbbell Swings

The exercise is commenced by holding the dumbbell at arm’s span ahead of the waistline. While not allowing the lower portion of the back to get rounded, bending the hip and knee region and swinging the dumbbell in-between the legs. The arm has to be maintained in a straight line, thrusting the hip forwards and swinging the dumbbell till shoulder height as one rises to a standing pose. After this swinging backwards and forwards, during the half minute time marking the arms are to be switched.


The exercise could be commenced using a set of hex dumbbells, assuming a push-up stance. Now a push-up has to be performed and on the ascendant motion, lifting the left hand and rotating the left side of the body as one lifts the dumbbell straight upwards over the shoulder till the body is forming and resembling the letter ‘T’. Now, reversing and repeating during this instance, swivelling the right side.

Split jumps

One has to start this exercise by standing in legs spaced apart position and placing one foot in front of the other one at a distance of two to three feet. The trunk has to be kept erect, bending the legs and lowering the body into a lunge-motion. The next step would be jumping with adequate might for propelling both the feet from the ground and scissor-kicking the legs till the alternating-foot pose is attained. This has to be repeated and continued to swap the forward leg for the time span of the exercise set.

Bend Over Dumbbell Row

With closely placed feet and duo dumbbells grabbed, one has to bow forwards till as far as doable in a manner that the chest is near parallel to the ground. The knees are then to be bent slightly with head kept up and back curved inwards. Dumbbells are to be held at arm’s distance straight downwards. Pulling the dumbbells straight upwards to the sides, keep the elbows away. It is vital to focus on constricting with the mid-portion of the back and then returning gradually to beginning stance. Assistance of barbells or underhand grips could also be taken for this exercise.

Side LungesSide Lunges

The exercise is to be commenced holding a set of dumbbells at arm’s distance at one’s sides. Now a large footstep is to be taken to the right and lowering the body by thrusting the hips backwards and bend the right knee. While one lowers the body, bending forwards at the hip area and touching the dumbbells to the ground. Repeating for half a minute and then swapping to the left leg.

Push-up Pose Row

The push-up pose is to be assumed with a set of hex dumbbells. The abs have to be kept firm and the dumbbells to be rowed in the left hand to the side of the torso and the elbow bent as one pulls it upwards. One has to take a breather and then swiftly lowering the dumbbell. The exercise has to be repeated with the right arm and swapping continually.

Dumbbell lunges using rotations

A dumbbell is to be held in a horizontal posture by the tips just underneath the chin area. Subsequently, stepping forwards with the left foot and lowering the body into a lunge-stance. As one lowers the body, rotating the upper portion of the body to the left and then returning to the beginning pose, repeating with the right leg and persist alternating.

Dumbbell push presses

One starts the exercise standing as one holds a set of dumbbells to the exterior of the shoulders with arms bowed and palms to face one another. Standing with legs spaced away and knees somewhat bending. Dipping the knees and tensely pushing up with legs as one presses the dumbbells straight over the shoulders. The weights are to be then lowered back to the beginning stance and then repeated.

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