Teeth Whitening – Celeb Dentists Tips That Show Results

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Have you lately checked out your grin in front of the mirror, only to be disappointed to find that all that pearly whiteness has ebbed? Here some fine teeth whitening advice that top dental practitioners recommend to brighten teeth.

Never Slacking on Dental Care

Apart from getting your teeth professionally cleaned in 6-monthly intervals, brushing teeth using whitening toothpastes two times daily is the evident step towards owning a dazzling smile. Although their peroxide presence isn’t adequate to truly be whitening teeth they are ideal for removal of plaques & superficially occurring stain marks. Another handy tip is to brush teeth using electric toothbrushes for banishing yucky films from teeth. Sonicare is a highly-recommended brand that works by sending sonic waves for breaking down plaques & reducing puffy & inflamed condition of the gum tissues. Some people find Oral-B electric toothbrushes working better for them. One must also swish your mouth with whitening rinses that basically are capable of reaching those nooks & corners that toothbrushes have skipped. However, avoid any alcohol-based mouthwash that could be drying the mouth & lead to foul breath & a dearth of bacteria-buster salivary production. Be wary about the presence of CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride) which is a harmful constituent in oral washes. When deployed in clear oral rinses, the antiseptic effectually extracts colourations & stains from the teeth. However in case synthetic colours such as minty greens & cinnamon-like reds are present in oral washes then cetylpyridium chloride in fact tends to attract such colour to the teeth & making it attach to them.

Eating & Drinking Prudently

Munching on sugarless gums containing plaques-lowering xylitol has the additional advantage of facilitating saliva production that cleanses tooth & breaks down remnant food substances present in the oral region.

Also eat loads of fruit & veggies that have crispiness & crunchiness – all of which help in innately exfoliating your teeth. Strawberry is especially deemed as the finest option since apart from the fiber presences that scrub down the teeth, this fruit even has malic acid which attacks stain. A fabulous do-it-yourself recipe is crushing strawberry pieces into a pureed form & then rubbing the mix all over the teeth’s surface.

Fruit varieties like lemon, lime & grapefruit have elevated presence of citric acid. Hence, any traces of them could well be eroding your tooth enamel. Also forego the habit of sucking on lime or lemon which one puts in one’s iced teas. All coffee or tea drinkers must ideally swirl water around in their mouths soon after & swallow (doing so would help in removing all darkish residues & prevent their accruement & penetration into the teeth).

Opt for In-Home Teeth Whitening

Alike the pore presences on our skin even our teeth have them. No sooner has a stain penetrated the exterior layer it could be capable of clogging the pores of your teeth. In case one craves for a brighter smile as compared to what’s achievable from usual teeth-cleanser routines can offer, then OTC whiteners could be the answer. Peroxide strengths of 7-9% could be of assistance & providing better results as compared to your regular tooth whitener toothpastes & mouthwashes.

Peroxide is the foundation of nearly all whiteners. On exposure to the teeth, peroxide then separates out into O2 & water, opening the pores & permeating deeply into the teeth for drawing out any stain.

Majority of the specialists concur that Crest 3D White Teeth Whitening System is the finest do-it-yourself option due to the direct protracted contact with the tooth. In case of painted-on formulations, the lip areas would be collapsing soon after having applied them as one couldn’t possibly be keeping one’s mouth wide opened for 5 to ten minutes whilst the peroxide is breaking down. Rather than whiten the teeth, one would essentially ingest high-concentration hydrogen peroxide then resulting in throat soreness & irritation to tissues of the gums. Even the InteliWHITE Pro Teeth Whitening Kit, although is has to be painted on the teeth, however makes use of bleach bumper for keeping peroxide in position.

Go for Star Therapy

For people who failed to get desired results from OTC whitener products, pumping the peroxide & investing in a pro-whitening therapy is the way to go. The peroxide strength in dental clinic-done whitening is amid twenty-five to thirty-five per cent. An ultraviolet light is deployed for activating constituents in the whitening mix that aids in accelerating the process.

The forty-five minutes long method – trio successive sessions using the whitener gel which is re-applied in fifteen minutes intervals would be giving you teeth that is 8 to ten shades lighter & brighter. This result too is based on the teeth permeability and some would be noticing brighter outcomes as compared to others.

Since this ultraviolet light could lower sensitiveness, hence doctors advice that teeth be de-sensitized in the weeks prior to the scheduled day of procedure. Every patient is instructed to use KNO3-based Sensodyne toothpaste that helps to de-sensitive the teeth by depolarizing the nerve & inhibiting it from inciting during over-stimulation. When one brushes regularly two times daily then it too could help in building up the levels of potassium close to the nerves, thus offering lasting shielding.

Even fluoride can help to de-sensitize the teeth by calming & sedating the nerve areas & protect them when they are being whitened. In case of fluoride, the gel wouldn’t be penetrating deeper inside the nerve and only to the extent of removing stains. The Phos Flur Anti Cavity fluoride-based rinse by Colgate is also highly recommended for this purpose.

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