How to Quit Smoking without Gaining an Ounce

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All those wondering how to quit smoking but fear piling on pounds, here are some handy tips that would help kick the nasty habit for good.

  1. Researches have shown that females that used nicotine replacement products (patch or gum) had lesser likelihood of putting on weight as these helped in curbing pangs of cigarette yearnings and hunger.
  2. Since nicotine has been found to cause approximately two hundred calories being burnt per day, hence it is crucial that the plummet in metabolism be compensated by leaving a mouthful of foods during meals and including a swift fifteen minute walk to one’s daily routine.
  3. Trying other non-food diversionary measures for avoiding substitution of cigarettes with foods or employing high calorie food treats as rewards. Running is a healthy option, however in case the distraction has to be true indulgence then based on personal preferences on-line shopping for items of choice would also help tide over the tough times.
  4. How to quit smokingBegin or continue exercising. Doing thirty minutes of exercises daily for five times a week which would help in revving up metabolism and combat weight increase while distracting one from an anxious and restless situation. Exercising has been found to help break down fats and their release into the blood that could suppress appetite.
  5. It is vital to comprehend the advantages one derives from smoking like feeling relaxed and substituting new-fangled activities which aid in achieving similar gains.
  6. Watching alcohol consumption as in several cases drinking is a triggering factor for smoking. Often many people only indulge in smoking while they drink. Hence, limiting or eliminating alcohol for reducing the likelihood of nicotine relapses.
  7. It is only natural for people missing out on how the cigarette felt in their mouth. Hence, try tricking the hands and mouth by chewing on toothpicks or gums, sucking on hard candies or floss using mint flavoring floss. Taking up some hobby like knit or playing cards would help in keeping the hands occupied.
  8. Tossing away any traces of tobacco, ash tray, lighter presence so that there are no apparent temptations. Also cleaning the house would help ridding it of smoke stench.
  9. The key tip on how to quit smoking without weight gain is snacking smart and restricting fat levels being consumed. When yearnings strike, stock up the fridge and pantry with easily munched, less-fat food items like pretzel, carrot, chilled grapes, pop corn. Protein rich food options like yoghurt, stringy cheeses and steering clear from sodium, sugar-rich foods that have undergone processing. Reducing or avoiding calorie-dense sugared food items would lessen the likelihood of weight gain.
  10. Increasing water consumption by taking herbal tea rather than sodas would keep body hydrated while providing a feeling of satisfaction and flushing out toxic substances from the body. Drinking about one and a half liter of water the first thing when one wakes up at dawn.
  11. When decision about smoke cessation has been done then enlisting all possible support of near and dear ones.
  12. Re-modeling the bedroom or starting a new-fangled vocation or any new venture is best postponed till the time smoke cessation has been ably tided over. On the contrary, in case a person wants to quit smoking by his/her fortieth birthday, then that event could act as an ideal motivating factor.
  13. Allaying stress by trying out self relaxation methods which would lessen withdrawal symptoms and inclination towards emotional binge-eating. Letting that stage pass and being patient. Severe cigarette yearnings mostly last merely 5 minutes. During that critical period distracting oneself by doing household chores, laundering, phone a chum or go visit them or read out a book to your kid. The acuteness of these yearnings decrease with passage of time hence staying resolute in one’s decision to stay smoke-free in low scenarios.
  14. Trying hypnosis which has proven efficacy and safety and is a fast way how to quit smoking.
  15. Keeping tabs on motivational levels by making a listing of reasons to quit smoking and keeping it handy. Constantly reminding oneself of one’s incentive when thoughts of cigarette come to one’s mind.
  16. Harness the might of the sub-conscious. Prior to hitting the sack, penning down optimistic avowals in the current tense like ‘I am smoke-free’. One would observe oneself eventually match one’s behavior to one’s new-fangled convictions.
  17. Convincing the mind, having faith in the power of one’s constitution and self-control.
  18. Steering clear from people who smoke and smoking surroundings and always opt for non-smoking places when going out.
  19. Rewarding oneself when smoke cessation has been successful like an outing, film, sporting gear or novel cosmetics.
  20. Taking walks, jog or swim as it could melt two to six hundred calories each hour and boosts metabolic rate.
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