Formula For De- Stressing

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A spiritual writer Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has given a positive formula for de stressing. According to him the prophet said, “Waiting for a better tomorrow is also a form of worship.” This formula is tried and tested several times and on each occasion it is found to be the best in any given situation.

This formula has nothiPositive formula for de stressingng mysterious about it and is based on the laws of nature, and if you adopt the formula you will become stress free and full of hope, you will think positively, and this will enhance your skills. If your mindset is negative, you diminish your abilities. When we shun negativity we initiate a process of enhancement of our potential.

Almost all cases of failure can be due to not following the laws of nature. This course will allow your vehicle to stray from the path and makes reaching your destination difficult.

The creator is Himself a positive mind and loves positivity. You must develop positivity and enhance your personality. Consequently you will experience success.

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