Could Aspirin be the ideal Migraine Headache Treatment?

Latest study result has shown that aspirin use could now put a halt to the miseries of migraines for scores of sufferers. Researchers have discovered that 3 pills of the pain-allaying medicine could help over half of those ailing from migraines tide through an incapacitating attack.

During an examination of thirteen studies that involved 4,222 entrants, nine hundred to one thousand milligrams of the painkiller medicine assisted in totally curing 1 in 4 migraine sufferers in about 2 hours.

Nearly half of the study entrants experienced their symptoms that ranged in the moderate to acute bracket reduced to mild over an analogous time span thus indicating aspirin to be a potential migraine headache treatment.

Researchers combined aspirin along with packets of anti-emetic medication metoclopramide which was observed to be a superlative means of dealing with nausea and exhibited analogous efficacy as another OTC migraine medication Imigran Recovery also known as sumatriptan.

Migraine Headache TreatmentHowever, a hundred milligrams dosage of sumatriptan was seen to be somewhat better at bringing about respite from migraine linked pains in a time period of 2 hours following intake of the drug.

Migraine headaches are vascular headaches linked to alterations in the arterial size inside and exterior to the brain.

Approximately 6 million individuals in the United Kingdom suffer from migraines and 1 in 4 ails from an acute version known as migraine with aura.

According to the National Headache Foundation estimation, twenty-eight million individuals in the United States ail from migraines. Migraine has been found to afflict the female gender far greater than males and one-quarter of all females having migraine would ail from 4 or more attacks on a monthly basis; thirty-five percent of them experiencing one to four acute attacks per month and forty percent experiencing 1 or lesser than a single acute attack each month. Each migraine attack could prolong from 4 hours till 3 days and sporadically would be lasting for even longer time spans and causing ocular disturbances, giddiness and feeling nauseous.

Co-author of the study, Sheena Derry from the John Radcliffe Hospital elucidated that a sizable populace of individuals would be able to garner benefits from the use of aspirin. A regular tablet is three hundred milligrams hence the dosage was going to be 3 of these.

Derry’s suggestion to all those people suffering from migraines was to firstly opt for aspirin and other OTC drugs as the foremost option and then going to medicines specifically used for migraine headache treatment in case they did not appear to bring about any change in the condition.

She further added that they were intent on carrying out analogous research on other pain allaying medicines like paracetamol, ibuprofen since they are yet not aware of their level of efficacy in migraine headache treatment.

Derry stated that the researchers could not precisely state the reason for aspiring working for some migraine cases whereas proving ineffective for others. She pointed out that since all individuals appear to be reacting to medications in a diverse manner for several reasons, one of which is heredity. However, she mentioned that in case migraine gets treated with an OTC medication like aspirin then it could truly simplify existence rather than having to seek medical opinion for getting a prescription.

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