Foods for Reducing Alcohol Craving

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Alcohol addiction can be controlled successfully if one manages to reduce his alcohol craving. The intensity of alcohol craving are not same for all alcoholic individuals; it varies from one person to the other.

According to medical experts, one suffers from alcohol cravings due to the physiological response towards the external or internal cues evoking the exciting euphoric memories of what he or she experiences after consuming alcohol. The craving also occurs due to discomforts associated with withdrawal and the desire of tasting alcohol. Alcohol cravings and other side effects of alcohol withdrawal (tension, bowel disruption, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, decreased energy levels, anxiety etc) can be reduced up to a great extent by changing the diet plan of an alcoholic individual. Below we have discussed about the food types that help in managing alcohol craving successfully.

Complex carbohydrates:

Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrate helps in decreasing the intensity of sugar cravings observed in alcohol addicts. The compComplex carbohydrateslex carbs get transformed in glucose and used up by our body as energy. Unlike the simple carbohydrate based food items like potato chips and candies, the complex carbohydrates helps in retaining energy for a longer duration and don’t cause sugar rushes. According to medical expert and nutritionists, the simple sugars results in chemical reactions in our body, which induce stress that in turn increases our alcohol cravings. The food sources that contain complex carbohydrates include wheat, bran, whole grains etc. A person looking to get rid of alcohol addiction must consume brown rice, oatmeal, brown bread, whole grain pastas instead of the refined versions of these food items. These foods will not only act as the source of energy for them, but will also provide essential minerals and vitamins that will ensure proper functioning of their nervous system.

Vegetables and fruits:

People trying to reduce their alcohol craving must consume B vitamins either in form of supplements or from food sources. These vitamins help them to fight fatigue bVegetables and fruitsy increasing their energy levels. Consumption of adequate amount of B vitamins promotes RBC production and improves functioning of brain. B vitamins are required for proper metabolism of nutrients during digestion. Taking B vitamins in right quantity increases serotonin production in brain; this helps in reducing the chances of developing mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are two common side effects of alcohol withdrawal. Consuming 5 to 8 servings of vegetables and fruits will ensure that we are obtaining our entire daily requirement of the B vitamins. The vegetables and fruits that can act as the source of B vitamins are: green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, peas etc. Beets are also rich in B vitamin. Examples of fruits containing B vitamins are: banana, oranges, melons, grapefruit, raisins etc.

Chicken, fish and dairy products:

Dairy productsWe need to consume protein for having healthy tissues and muscles. Protein is also equally important for mediating neurotransmitters of our brain that are responsible for managing functions like digestion, sleep, mood etc. Nutritionists recommend regular intake of healthy protein to people looking to get rid of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Some protein rich food options for a person suffering from alcohol craving include the following: boiled or grilled chicken pieces seasoned using herbs, spices and pepper; fishes like tuna, salmon, sardine and mackerel; dairy products like skim milk, low fat cheese and yogurt etc. These people must avoid consuming red meats and all other food items that are high in their fat content.

The other nutritional requirements for fighting alcohol cravings:

Chronic alcoholism can only be managed through intake of adequate amount of nutrients. One of the most essential nutrients for alcoholics is Drinking waterthiamine. People who are suffering from alcoholism for a long period of time often become victims of thiamine deficiency. The physician might prescribe thiamine supplements to such patients. Consuming wheat germ and soybeans can also compensate thiamine deficiency up to a certain extent.  When you are looking to get rid of alcoholism, you must limit your daily caffeine intake; this is because consuming too much caffeine might cause irritability and anxiety, which are triggers of alcohol craving. A diet plan aiming to control alcohol craving must include 3 small snacks and 3 balances meals; this will eliminate the possibility of malnutrition. Besides that, a person trying to quit alcohol must also drink a minimum of 64 oz water per day for supporting kidney health and preventing dehydration.

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