Alternative Treatments of ADHD

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Mental health doctors treat ADHD differently in every child. A perfect ADHD treatment plan helps in improving the child’s functioning and also reduces the behavioral signs of ADHD. In this article, we have discussed about the alternative treatment procedures (treatment methods besides medications) used for treating children with ADHD.

Behavioral therapy:

Behavioral therapyBehavioral therapy for ADHD can be conducted both at home and at the office of the behaviorist. At times, the behaviorist can show the parent or other caregiver of the suffering child the techniques of conducting a behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy teaches the child how to communicate in a better way. The other positive effects of such therapies include improvement in life skills, controlling outbursts and reducing disruptive tendencies.

Parenting skill:

One of the ways of reducing the signs of ADHD in a child is by giving him certain boundaries, clear rules and positive reinforceers. Such parenting skills mostly require help from trained professionals. The pediatrician or the mental health doctor treating your child will inform you about places that offer training classes to parents. During these training sessions, parents are taught the tricks of breaking down big tasks into much simpler and smaller steps. These classes also help parents to develop positive approach towards improving the disruptive behavior of children with ADHD.


CounselingBesides taking your child for psychological counseling, you and your spouse must also attend a certain number of counseling sessions. Family counseling is extremely helpful in identifying the exact factor triggering the disruptive behaviors ion your child. Anxiety, a common signs of ADHD can also be managed successfully through psychological counseling. Recognizing the deeper issue leading to ADHD in a child helps in determining the most effective treatment procedure for him.

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