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Time and again, we are bombarded with a new-fangled diet claimed to proffer sound health, express pounds loss & washboard abs. The reality is that the perfect diet already exists & is actually a well-balanced diet offering apt quantity & forms of calories for maintaining optimal bodily functioning.

Perfect diet hovers around trio fundamental commandments, namely:
  • Thou shall not miss breakfast since it is the most crucial meal of the day.
  • Thou shall consume a minimum of trio meals daily as otherwise body-metabolism plummets.
  • Thou shall try eating foods from all 6 food groups of the food pyramid, each offering 1 or more of the trio nutrients necessary for survival during all meals. In this manner one would be ingesting an ample quantity & improved quality of calories.

Carbs are the key energy source for our bodies and of duo key types – complex (starch) & simple (sugar) carbs with even fiber being part of it. The sources of carbohydrates are fruit, veggie, whole grain & bean varieties, milk products.

Approximately, sixty percent of a person’s calories would be coming from carbohydrates when following a balanced diet. The avg. male aged between nineteen & thirty would require 1200 cal. daily. Those who stay physically active could be adding around three hundred carb-derived calories to their everyday consumption. Most carb sources are healthful – veggie, fruit forms having fiber & fructose, milk items containing carbs plus calcium, whole-grain/ multi-grain cereal, bread, pastas, legume, bean forms & brown rice have a tendency of having lesser GI load, their breakdown to glucose occurs at a gradual pace & averts high rises in blood glucose & mid-noon slumps which arise when one is recovering from those sugary highs.

Refined sugars are basically calorie-dense with zero nutritional worth and a balanced diet would clamp down on its intake. In case doable, choosing honey or brown sugar as healthier alternatives is advisable.

Well-balanced First Meal of the Day in adherence to the Perfect Diet must ideally commence with a bowlful of ground oat groats along with some less-fat or two-per cent milk made sweet with honey & adding an assortment of preferred fruits into it.


Fats are necessary for survivals & constituting cell wall, necessary for transporting & absorbing fat soluble vitamin types like A, K, E & D. In regards to fats, less is definitely more and fifteen to twenty percent of everyday calorific worth must be coming from fats. With 9 cal/ gm. fat – two fold that obtained from 1gm carbohydrates – hence being generous with fats intake & not exercising enough is causal to pounds piling on. Fat is a vital energy source when one exercises though not the foremost option. The key fat source in a well-balanced diet must be unsaturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids are present in egg, cheeses, butters, meats, milk, palm or coconut oils, margarine. It’s firm or chunky innate state means it would be leaving fat accruements in large intestines & arteries.

Cholesterol is a lipid manufactured by the liver & vital for regular bodily functions. It is present in milk products & meats. But, excess ingestion of saturated fats could augment bad cholesterol levels. Hence, opt for oil obtained for canola, olives & consume lean cut of meats. Fishes are rich sources of omega-3, 6 fatty acids, for example – tunas, salmons, tilapias.

Though fat does feel great to taste – but consuming moderately is the mantra of a balanced diet. One must also be watchful about less-fat product types as oftentimes fats are swapped with sugars for maintaining flavour. At all times, scan product labelling & consume regular version in any food while being particular about portion-control.

A lunch at par with the Perfect Diet would include a seven or twelve grain bread, tunas, turkeys or chicken, leafy greens, some cheeses & mustard.


Protein always has stayed in the spotlight and is a vital part of a perfect diet since it helps in building & repairing tissues. Protein is present in your nail, hairs, skin & every muscle of your body – though analogous to fats – it is never prudent to go overboard on its intake too.

For males with active lifestyles with everyday calorific consumption being 3000-3500 cal – proteins consumption in well-balanced diet must yet be fifteen to twenty per cent. Intake of proteins proffers satiety hence it always more prudent to be including it all meals. However, be watchful on the days when steaks are eaten – as one of them has over two hundred gm protein – hence for the subsequent couple of days going easy on the proteins. For post-exercise re-fuel try having a shake of milk plus a mix of fruits like strawberries, mangoes, bananas, yoghurts & peanut butter are potent proteins source.

For dinners in accordance with the Perfect diet, opt for salads with added diced pecan or almond, mini shrimps, cheeses & beans of your choice for getting ample proteins.

Just skip those fad diets – carb-cutting & packing up protein by itself might assist one in shedding weight – though not of assistance in building the perfect diet. The gist is eating everything moderately. Hence, pile up your platter with some greens, carbohydrates, proteins & some bites of fats now and then is the best way of going about it.

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