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Acne, scientifically known as Acne Vulgaris, is a human skin disease. This disease, generally known as pimples, is most commonly found in the adolescence, the period of puberty, and hence, most people affected by acne are teenagers. Acne occurs when there are elevations formed in the skin, particularly, at areas which are rich in fats (eg: the face). There are depressions formed in the skin, which contain fat hormones from sebaceous glands, and these secretions, in turn, bring out elevated papules in the skin, called acne.

Home remedies for acneNow, if there is a disease, there must be a way to control it. Dermatologists may charge you a chunk of your earnings for providing you the medicines to fix your acne. But if you are of the kinds who follow the grandma’s aid, here are some home-made remedies to control acne.

Your kitchen is the depot for elements that can be used to control acne, in a natural way. You will need some ingredients of daily use, which are easily available and accessible.

Listed below are some of the many methods for the same:

  • Mix fresh lime juice with boiled, skimmed milk and a table spoon of glycerin and apply it on your face every night, to wash it off after 3-5 minutes.
  • Rubbing garlic on the acne affected area of your skin, and performing this action daily, will get you rid of acne by a fortnight.
  • A paste of grinded orange peel – apply on the acne burst outs and leave it for 30 minutes to regain your pimple-free skin.
  • Applying a mix of cinnamon powder and honey, overnight, for about two weeks, and washing it off the following morning, is a tested way of controlling acne.
  • A paste of fenugreek leaves applied every night for 10-15 minutes and washed off with warm water helps control acne.
  • Acne home remdyA mixture of egg white and corn flour applied once a day, for two continuous weeks, washed off after half an hour, gives good results.
  • Rose water mixed with equal amount of cucumber paste and applying this as a face pack for 20 minutes, is an excellent home remedy against acne.
  • Turmeric powder mixed with sugarcane juice, and this paste can be applied on the acne affected-areas.
  • Unripe papaya fruit has milk-like juice in its inner skin – using this to control acne is a favorable measure.

The least you can do:

  • Acne remediesA simple home remedy is to wash your face every night with warm, salt water to reduce acne growth.
  • Toothpaste applied on the acne, like a lotion, at night before going to bed, can reduce swelling of acne over the night.
  • Increasing regular intake of vitamins A, E, C and B, and reducing fatty substances in daily diet is the least you can do to control acne and prevent them form appearing in the first place.
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