Novel Nanoburrs and Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve – Mighty Combaters of Heart Ailments

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Scientists from MIT and Harvard have designed novel nanoburr particles having small protein pieces that could adhere to damage-ridden arterial walls, eventually releasing the medicine like paclitaxel that stalls cell division and assists in preventing scar tissue development which could lead to clogging up of arteries. Nanoburrs are fascinating exemplars of nanotechnology wherein nanoparticles could have targeted action on injured vascular tissues. Presently, one of the benchmark means of treating arteries having clogging and damage is vascular stent implantation that keeps the artery open and gradually releases medicines like paclitaxel. The investigators are hopeful that their new-fangled nanoburrs could be employed together with these stents – or instead of them – for treating damage situated in regions unsuited for stents like those close to a junction in the artery. Interior of the sixty nanometer broadness particles carry the medicine that is bounded to a polymer chain known as  [...]

Enthralling Advancements in Parkinson’s disease Treatment

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Researchers that have recognized brain networks harmed due to Parkinson’s disease have new-fangled proof that such systems turn irregular a couple of years prior to the symptom surfacing. Apparently, certain sections of the brain network appeared responding in a final ditch endeavour at salvaging the brain. The investigators did follow-ups of fifteen patients over 4 years and analogous numbers of normal entrants. They found that signs of Parkinson’s disease formerly occurred on merely one side of the body that offered researchers an exceptional chance at studying brain scan images during several instances and contrast the signs to the variations in the brain network over time spans. The objective of the study was watching the activity of the brain network on the disease-free side. With the disease progressing, however both sides were eventually affected. Researchers detected that motor network governing the body side having the preliminary signs was the foremost to turn anomalous.  [...]


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Spondylothesis is a type of disorder arising due to sliding forward of one vertebral column in relation to the one located beneath it. This condition could be innate or congenitally present or developing during adolescent years or among adults. The anomalous spinal alignment is evident when observed from lateral viewing on X-rays. This mal-alignment could be due to numerous reasons like some traumatic episode or degeneration. There could be unusual spinal movement related to this condition. Causes of Spondylothesis: The condition could be the consequence of physically derived stress exerted on the spine due to physical activity, traumatic episode and wide-ranging physical deterioration. Signs and Symptoms of Spondylothesis: There are a number of people having spondylolisthesis and are completely asymptomatic. Aches and pains in the back and neck could be sensed due to Spondylolisthesis. However extremities could be affected in case there is compression or irritation to the  [...]

Green Tea – Amending Cigarette Smoke Elicited Lung Cancer Risk

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Outcomes of a randomized trial carried out in a Taiwan-based hospital reveal that green tea consumption could help in altering the consequences of cigarette smoke on risks of developing Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer is the principal reason behind all the cancer-related fatalities in Taiwan. Tea, especially green tea has been garnering significant amount of interest as tea polyphenols are potent forms of antioxidants. Tea has been proven to stall the development of tumors. On the other hand, previously conducted trials on green teas have been hampered due to faults in the case-comparison study that has intrinsic predispositions. The researchers, I-Hsin Lin and associates from the Chung Shan Medical University signed up 170 lung cancer sufferers and 340 individuals in normal health as control group. Surveys was carried out by these researchers for acquiring vital statistics traits, whether habituated to cigarette smoking, green tea intake, dietetic consumption of fruits and veggies, what kind  [...]

Common FAQs on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that Vytorin as safe, although the statin Zocor is believed to has comparatively better functionality and at lesser cost. Just last year, FDA raised doubts due to the recently done trial outcomes on Vytorin that has made it query the largely acknowledged notion that lowering LDL cholesterol levels reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Especially bothersome were the observation of greater number of Vytorin users from the studies facing fatalities due to such occurrences as compared to Zocor (statin drug) users. The FDA has revised its safety reassessment of cholesterol-lessening medications and reiterated its stance that elevated LDL levels is a heart risk factor hence reducing it is considered optimal for health. The beginning of last year, physicians were flooded with calls from apprehensive Vytorin users (a single tablet combo having Zocor plus non-statin Zetia). A seven hundred plus entrant study at large by Vytorin’s United  [...]

Classic Diagnosis and Treatments for Pernicious Lyme disease

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Lyme disease is a form of infection that gets spread after being bitten by a tick which is a carrier of the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium. Ticks usually contract the bacterium subsequent to having bitten animal forms such as deer, mice. Though majority of the individuals that get bitten by ticks do not always develop Lyme disease, but the condition is grave enough that every bite from a tick should be medically examined. The likelihood of catching the disease amplifies the longer time period the tick stays latched to the body. In one to four weeks following an infected tick bite, majority of the individuals would start experiencing a number of signs of Lyme disease like a spherical rash that appears increasing – erythema migrans – on the bite mark location in nearly seventy to eighty percent of the occasions. Several others experience flu-similar signs inclusive of fever, chilly sensations, headache, exhaustion, enlarged lymph nodes, joint and muscle aches. In case not spotted early  [...]

Splendid Alternative Ways of Purging Cancer

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Chemotherapy is not the sole means of trying to eliminate cancer as a range of unconventional ways could be adopted for treating cancer. All individuals have cancerous cells present in their system that fail to appear during regular tests till their numbers has proliferated to some billions. When physicians inform cancer patients about no further cancer cells being detected in their system following treatment, it merely translates to the fact that the tests have been incapable of detecting the cancerous cells as they have still not attained the noticeable size. Cancerous cells crop up in a person’s body nearly six to over ten instances during his/her lifespan. A strong immune system would obliterate and avert multiplication of cancerous cells and developing into tumors. Cancer presence in a person’s body is indicative of several nutrient deficits because of factors that are either heritable, environment-related, diet or way of life. These deficits could be surmounted by bringing  [...]

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