Using Lavender Oil for Getting Relief from Asthma

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Asthma is categorized as a respiratory disorder occurring when the dilated blood vessels narrow our airways. Recently obtained statistics show that around 20 million residents of USA are suffering from asthma and the more staggering fact is that 9 million among them are children. One can experience asthma symptoms due to factors like an allergic reaction, stress etc. Medically, asthma is treated with steroids, bronchodilators etc. In this article we’ll be discussing ways of using lavender oil for the treatment of asthma. The sedative and anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil make it an excellent remedy for asthma. Lavender Oil Chest Rub for Asthma Patients Pour ¼ cup olive oil in a bowl and add 8 drops lavender oil to it. If available, you can also add 2 drops chamomile oil to the mixture. Chamomile oil will enhance the anti-allergic effects of this chest rub due to its antihistamine properties. Now, dip your fingers into the mixture for getting the oil required for performing  [...]

Natural Remedies for Spider Veins

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Below we have presented a few effective natural remedies for varicose veins: Ginkgo biloba: This herb works by strengthening the tissues forming the walls of our veins. Ginkgo biloba also effectively improves the circulation in our tissues and thus enhances the tissue oxygenation. All these features of this herb make it an effective remedy for spider veins. According to herbalists, a patient suffering from this skin disorder must consume 40mg ginkgo biloba extracts thrice every day until this spider veins go away completely. Witch hazel: The extract of this herb is known for its astringent properties. It is widely used as an external remedy of spider veins. If you have developed this skin disorder, soak a clean piece of cloth or cotton ball into extracts of witch hazel and apply the extract directly on the affected regions of your skin. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times every day. This should be continued until the spider veins go away. Horse chestnut: This herb helps in strengthening  [...]

Treating Memory Loss with Herbal Remedies

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The following herbs can help in treating memory loss: Ginkgo biloba: This herb possesses the ability of improving blood circulation and also helps in augmenting oxygen flow towards our brain and other body parts. According to medical experts, ginkgo biloba is extremely beneficial for women experiencing forgetfulness during their perimenopausal or menopausal age. However, one should never consume this herb without consulting a physician; consuming incorrect doses of ginkgo biloba might cause side effects like dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions, headaches and diarrhea. People under the doses of anticoagulants should not consume ginkgo. Ginseng: The herb ginseng is an excellent remedy for memory loss. It is often prescribed to women after they attain menopause. Ginseng not only cures forgetfulness of these women, but also increases their energy levels up to a great extent. According to expert herbalists, ginseng when consumed in combination with ginkgo can treat both short and long-term  [...]

What Can Cause White Patches on Our Skin?

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Skin is the largest organ of our body; like any other organ of our body, skin also suffers from a number of medical conditions. In this article we’ll be discussing about the possible causes of one common skin condition, white skin patches. Mild eczema: If you have white patches on your skin, it might indicate the occurrence of mild eczema. This type skin disorder is most common among the children. If you get swelling, redness and itchiness around the white patches, the condition might be caused due contact with external irritants. This form of white patches is generally treated using corticosteroid creams and moisturizers. Yeast infection: The medical term used for yeast infection is tinea versicolor; it can also occur in form of small, white and scaly spots on the skin. The most common sites of occurrence of white patches caused by yeast infections are: back, chest and upper arms. Yeast infections are triggered by a fungus called candida. People, who have oily skin, are at higher  [...]

Home Remedies for Stretch Mark Prevention

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Stretch marks are common problems faced by people losing or gaining lot of weight drastically and women who have given birth. There are certain home remedies that can help you in preventing stretch marks. Anyone planning to lose or gain weight and every pregnant woman should try these home remedies to avoid occurrence of stretch marks. Home remedy 1: The most widely used home remedy for stretch mark is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is extracted from the creamy fat found inside the cocoa seeds. This ingredient is known for its excellent skin moisturizing properties. Cocoa butter is rich in glycolic acid and vitamin E; these constituents make it an extremely effective remedy for stretch marks. Home remedy 2: A mixture of natural oil massaged on the skin areas prone to stretch marks also help in preventing the occurrence of the ugly marks. Mix ¼ cup of aloe gel, ½ cup of olive oil, the constituents of 6 vitamin E capsules and 4 vitamin A capsules together suing a blender. Massage adequate  [...]

Cellulite Removal: How Ozone Therapy Works?

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Have you ever heard of ozone therapy? Ozone therapy is used widely as a remedy for conditions like back pain and chronic ailments like cancer. However, the use of ozone therapy is most common for skin and hair care purposes. In this article we’ll discuss how ozone therapy helps in fighting cellulites. The molecule of Ozone includes 3 atoms of oxygen.  Gaseous oxygen on the other hand includes only 2 atoms of oxygen. Ozone is a gas found in less stable form compared to oxygen and hence this gas is more active chemically than oxygen. During the procedure of eliminating cellulites through ozone therapy, a solution made from ozone and oxygen is used to carry out a liposuction known as lipoliquidation therapy. The same solution is also used for the treatment of neurological disorders, circulatory issues, hepatitis etc. In case of treatment of cellulite, the ozone and oxygen based solution will transform lipids present in fatty tissues into a type of water soluble compound. This water soluble  [...]

Food Allergies or Intolerances – How to Differentiate Between Them?

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Over twelve million people in the U.S. suffer from food allergies & another several million having food intolerance. Rates of food allergies have increased two-folds in the United States in the past decade. Another bumming piece of news is that food allergies are heritable. In case one of the parents has an allergy then there’s a twenty-five percent likelihood of the child getting any type of food allergy, not merely the type that his/ her parent has. When mother & father have allergies, then fifty percent kids in the least would be developing them. True food allergies are our body’s erroneous notions that particular foods are attackers or invaders. Disparate to food allergy, food intolerance isn’t life-menacing & symptoms often nebulous are mostly surfacing quite belatedly from the time of food intake. Though the immune system involvement is there at times however the IgE protein isn’t. Any type of foods could be causal to intolerances & could arise in any age.  [...]

Runny nose allergy

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What is runny nose? It occurs when there is excessive production of fluid or mucous such that it moves out of your nose or enters back into your body through the throat. This is caused through the nasal tissues and blood vessels. Runny nose allergy will be caused through exposure to allergens such as dust, pollen, smoke, and animal dander. Runny nose allergy is often associated with other related symptoms such as nose itching and frequent sneezing. The function of the nose will be primarily including mucus production for trapping pollutants, dust particles, germs, and pollen. Excessive mucus production lead to post-nasal drip and is termed as runny nose. We could further classify runny nose allergy as follows: Seasonal: Runny nose allergy symptoms are felt by the patient in specific seasons such as spring, fall, or summer and this is related to the high pollen count that occurs in this season due to the flowering of plants. Perennial: Runny nose allergy symptoms are experienced by  [...]

Sinus Allergy Treatment Choices that Work

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An allergy normally is a reaction given by the body when it feels that a foreign body has entered it. It considers these bodies as allergens and throws up signals to the body to produce histamines which produce the required allergy symptoms. Amongst the various parts of the body the sinus is a sensitive area as it is the doorway to smell. All objects that we smell are indirectly related to the sinus. The sinus has small cilia like structures which block the entry of what the body feels is a foreign body. However when there is an allergy these foreign bodies come in greater numbers and affect its functioning. A situation where the sinus is unable to protect the body from these allergens is called sinusitis. Sinusitis is normally treated with medicines. One also tries to treat it with a hot pack on the face etc. The goals of the treatment are Improve the drainage of mucus and reduction in the swelling of the sinuses. Relieve pain and pressure. To clear any kind of infection. To  [...]

Stroke Symptoms & Life Saving Information on National Stroke Awareness Month

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Were you aware of the fact that somebody is suffering from a stroke every forty seconds & that in every four minutes somebody is dying as a result? Did you know that 1 from 3 adults suffers from hypertension (high blood pressure) still around twenty-one per cent are unaware of them having it. May is the month designated as National Stroke as well as High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. Stroke is the 3rd main reason for mortalities in the U.S. & even the key reason for grave long-lasting disablement. While majority of the strokes arise in individuals in their mid-sixties or more, they could arise irrespective of age. We are always busy with something or the other, spending majority of our time catering to the requirements of those around – our boss, spouse, children, kin – all but ourselves. If you, for one, don’t want to be the one included in the 795000 people in America who would suffer from a novel or recurring stroke in 2011 then start by taking proactive measures right  [...]

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