Heat Stroke Symptoms and Emergency First Aid Treatments

Posted in General Health 1 Comment on July 12th, 2010

With the heat wave being sharply felt along the East Coast, many people have skipped their dawn commute and ardent sprinters have demoted to the treadmill – re-pondering over their schedule to lower being exposed to the scorching heat. Heat Stroke arises due to the body inadequately regulating its own temperature leading to its continual surge, mostly to 105 degree Fahrenheit or more. Signs of swiftly advancing heat stroke comprise of: Loss of consciousness for over a couple of seconds. Seizure attacks or convulsions. Indications of medium to acute respiratory distress. Temperature of rectal area above 104 degree Fahrenheit after being exposed to searing climatic conditions. Feeling confused, acute restiveness or anxiousness. Rapid cardiac rate. Perspiration which might be profuse or might have halted. Skin which might appear reddened, warm and dried, also noted in the underarm region. Acute puking and loose bowels. Sluggishness. In case heat stroke symptoms  [...]

Essential Oils – The Potent Germ Thwarters

Posted in General Health No discussion yet on June 15th, 2010

Essential oils, especially the ones that are cinnamon and thyme derived could assist in thwarting bacterial forms, inclusive of the super bug MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus), the infamous bug capable of resisting therapy with several commonly used antibiotic forms and is accountable of scores of fatalities in hospital and clinics annually. The recent MRSA-combating approach has come from investigators in Greece who analysed the anti-microbial actions of 8 plant essential oils and observed that thyme appeared to have the finest efficacy. Thyme essential oil was found to nearly eradicate the bacterial form it was confronted with, in merely an hour’s time. Study researchers at the Technical Educational Inst. Of Ionian Islands came to a conclusion that essential oils are an economical and effectual therapy choice for arising bacterial strains which have developed resistance to antibiotics. The study researchers pointed out that when antibiotics are substituted for essential  [...]

7 Eco-Aware Options to a Greener Meaningful Existence

Posted in General Health No discussion yet on February 15th, 2010

In our chaotic daily existence simple green options could assist in getting on the path to a greener year ahead. Smaller strides are all that is required to attain greater and bigger aspirations. While washing dishes unconsciously the tap is left on when one is scrubbing them leading to unnecessary water wastage. So in the case while brushing teeth the water is left running when one brushes or while showering during shampooing or soap lathering. Nearly twenty to forty gallons of water gets used up during a 4-minute lasting shower session. There are myriad of ways to conserve water though the most basic of which is to turn off running water when not needed. Merely adjusting the thermostat by even one to two degrees can help in saving potentially well past 100 dollars in heating and even electricity billing all through the year. Choosing healthy food choices like consuming organic fruits and veggies, reducing or if possible even eliminating meat product intake in one’s dietetic  [...]

Air Abrasion – The Drill-free Way to Dazzling Whites

Posted in General Health No discussion yet on January 28th, 2010

Air abrasion is a drill-free method employed by dental experts for removal of decay in tooth and for several other purposes. Air Abrasion Functioning Air abrasion is performed by an appliance that functions as a minute sandblasting mechanism for spraying away stubborn decay. During the procedure, a delicate flow of decay-busting particles are aimed at the decay-ridden tooth. The particles comprising of silica, aluminium oxide and at times even baking soda mix are directed to the tooth using compressed air or gas that passes via the manually held piece. No sooner do these miniscule particles hit the decay surface they are dislodged and via suction force are removed. Safety Quotient Air abrasion is deemed safe and the sole precautionary steps to be taken are to don shielding eye gear for averting the eyes from getting irritated and rubber dams – latex sheets fitting around the teeth area or application of safeguarding resin to adjoining teeth and gums for protecting bordering  [...]

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