Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

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Prostate Specific Antigen is protein manufactured by prostate gland cells. It is found in miniscule levels in serum of males having healthful prostate, though mostly in high levels due to conditions like cancer of the prostate & in several prostate-related conditions. Blood analysis for PSA measurement is deemed highly effectual test presently obtainable for earlier prostate cancer identification, however its efficacy has been engulfed in the cloud of query & uncertainty. Soaring amounts of PSA with passage of time have been linked to prostate cancer (localized & metastasized). Prostate Specific Antigen Usages Prostate Cancer Screening The United States FDA has consented to the PSA test in the U.S. alongside DREs (digital rectal examination) for yearly screening of prostate cancer among males in their fifties & above. The Food and Drug Administration has even given its approval for the use of PSA test for monitoring patients with a past of prostate cancer to check  [...]

Colon Cleanser Best Buys for 2011

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Colon cleansing (colon therapy) includes several alternative medical treatments for removal of faecal & non-specific toxic substances from the digestive tract. Colon therapy is done in duo ways namely – colonic irrigation or cleansing regimes (orally taken) like dietetic supplements. Several types of colonic irrigation is done by using enema for injecting water, at times coalesced with herb forms or some liquid inside the large intestines through the rectal aperture deploying specialized equipments. Oral clearing regimens deploy dietetic fibre, supplement or laxative. Several consultants consider that accruing of rotting feces start lining the colon walls & begin harbouring parasitic forms or pathogen gut vegetation and being causal to non-specific signs & symptoms & overall infirmity. The health assertions put forth by several colon cleanser brands as well as colon irrigation doctors are wide-ranging like: Improvement in immune system. Improvement in outlook  [...]

Prenatal Vitamins – The Best Health Insurance Ever

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For optimal maternal-foetal health, so-dubbed prenatal vitamins are recommended during gestation. They are specifically devised multivitamin blends making up for any nutrient deficits in maternal dietetic intake. Even as these supplements have several mineral, vitamin types the contents of iron, folic acid, calcium hold paramount importance. Why iron, folic acid & calcium is necessary for pregnant females Folic acid could lower chances of delivering an infant having a grave birth anomaly affecting brains, spinal cord known as neural tube with spina bifida being the highly pervasive neural tube flaw wherein innately improper closure of the spine occurs. The nerves that face exposure as a result of this suffer damage which leaves the kid with differing extent of paralysis, becomes incontinent & at times even mentally retarded. Development of neural tube flaws is noted in the initial twenty-eight days after getting pregnant; before several females even comprehend they have  [...]

Swine Flu or Common Cold – How to Tell the Difference

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Comprehending if it swine flu, cold or flu is vital since flu could cause grave complications like pneumonia or also mortality. Hence flu treatment within two days of the person becoming symptomatic is deemed the finest approach. Also when on takes anti-viral medications prescribed by physicians it could reduce the time that one is ill. Flu – Swiftly, Furiously arising symptoms When one feels as though one has been run over by a heavy vehicle, it perhaps is the flu and symptoms have a tendency of arising abruptly. Typical signs & symptoms entail throat soreness, headaches, fever, pains felt in the muscles, feeling congested & coughing. Colds generally entail dribbling nose while flu signs & symptoms generally improve within 2-5 days. However, it isn’t unusual to be feeling miserable and run down. Colds generally have a more gradual onset & lasting for around a week’s time. Have I contracted Swine Flu? Swine flu & the usual influenza do have several symptom  [...]

Flu Vaccine De-clobbered

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With the chills already being felt, so also is an upswing in flu & respiratory-associated sicknesses. Several parents are perplexed regarding the flu vaccine & overheard it being coalesced along with the swine flu vaccine. Here are resolutions to several frequently asked queries that have been rife this season about the flu vaccine. Query: What is the reason for changes in the flu vaccine annually? Answer: On a yearly basis, alterations arise in the flu viral form which the body could make out. Despite the fact that one has immunity the previous year, this alteration would translate to the fact that one’s immune system wouldn’t be capable of recognizing the viral form & incapable of combating it. Vaccinations are intended for keeping up with the viral form. Query: Who’s the deciding authority on the virus constituents? Answer: The WHO is the deciding authority on the virus constituents. The labs of the World Health Organization scrutinize what kinds of viral forms  [...]

Eye strain exercises

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Eye strain is a common bane for many people, particularly those in deskbound jobs or glaring at computer screens among several other eye-stressing reasons. Signs and symptoms of eye strain are tiredness, dryness felt in the eyes, blurry vision and recurrent headaches. Not many people are aware of an apt and effectual way of resting their eyes through many different eye strain exercises . Here are some beneficial eye strain exercises which are ideally to be repeated in thirty minute intervals whenever one is staring at a computer screen or any activity where the eyes are strained. Eye Cupping Being seated at ease on the ground and rubbing the palms of both hands against each other till they generate warmth due to the friction. Now cupping the hands and covering the eyes in a light manner. Pressure application to the eye ball area must be avoided with palm placement not covering the nose and eyes concealed in the hollows of the hands. Ensuring that light is not entering the eyes  [...]

Coke and Your Body – Minute by Minute Account of Assault

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How many of us have pondered why a smiley accompanies a Coke- Since it gives the drinker a high. Here is what actually transcends in your body after chugging down Coke. In the initial ten minutes Ten teaspoonfuls sugar of hits the drinker’s body (that comes up to one hundred percent of one’s suggested everyday ingestion). The added phosphoric acid slyly tames the awesome puke-inducing sugariness and helps in keeping the beverage down. Twenty minutes The drinker’s blood glucose levels spike leading to an insulin explosion and the liver responding to it by converting any glucose it could acquire into fats. And after ingesting the soft drink there is bound to be plentiful of it. Forty minutes Assimilation of caffeine has concluded. The coke drinker’s pupil dilatation starts and a surge in blood pressure levels occur. Responding to this change, the liver starts dumping increasing amount of glucose into the blood. As a result blockage develops in the brain’s adenosine  [...]

Cranberry Juice – Handy Hangover Cure

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Waking up with severe headaches, feelings of nausea, extreme weakness, dizziness, and dehydration are basically upshots of previous night’s tippling. Usually, you feel like someone is clubbing your head. Binge drinking also upsets your stomach and increases body aches. One may get confused and mortified about being hit with a new disease. Well, it is not any disease, you have got a hangover and regretting later for overdoing alcohol consumption is basically pointless. Excessive consumption of alcohol essentially ruins the functioning of various organs in your body. It increases the level of dehydration in the body and affects your circulatory system. Thus, it is essential to care for your body once you have boozed. You may even take numerous precautions before boozing, to escape from hangovers. Drink ample amounts of water before going to any booze party, so that you remain hydrated for long hours. Eat some nutritional food and never drink alcohol on an empty stomach as it might cause  [...]

Fluoridated Water – Is it Good or Detrimental to Health

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Since the later part of the nineties, the US Food and Drug Administration has made it compulsory that all toothpaste brands mention a caveat about fluoride use. The FDA posting a caveat on a toothpaste component has raised many eyebrows as to why the step was taken. Researches on fluoride have revealed that the chemical is presently deemed a potentially lethal drug and an adequate amount of ingestion can be damaging. As is already known, fluoride is the chemical prevalently found in majority of the toothpastes available in the markets. Fluoridated toothpastes are used by individuals as a way of strengthening their teeth (cavity prevention) and general public usually does not mull over it beyond that, which it alright since its marketing is done till that extent. One need not be alarmed nor scared to brush one’s teeth using fluoridated toothpastes since it is not harmful. Neither is the usage of gel-form of fluoride therapy during dental check-ups damaging to health. These forms of  [...]

Whooping Cough Outbreak and Truth about DTaP Vaccine

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California has seen a spate of whooping cough or pertussis cases, trebling from 233 cited last year, according to figures provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Californian doctors blame the low inoculation coverage being the reason – particularly in youngsters and adults – for the golden state’s whooping cough outbreak and their personal monetary deterrent being partly accountable. They are hopeful that the state government would authorize improved compensation for inoculations. Loopholes in California’s inoculation needs for school goers have been extensively reported to be the key factor; however family physicians in the state have drawn attention to the inept insurance compensation for inoculations being another impediment. The CAFP (California Academy of Family Physicians) recommendation clearly indicates that health care plans usually would be covering vaccinations expenses, however excluding the costs incurred to obtain, store (an intricate procedure) and vaccine  [...]

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