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Posted in Cancer, Disease & Disorders, News on March 5th, 2010

New Cabazitaxel Drug Improves Life Expectancy in Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients
A new-fangled chemotherapy drug, cabazitaxel by Sanofi-Aventis, shows potential in improving life expectancy among men having advanced prostate cancer, as a final recourse in a clinical study. Men, in whom cancer had metastasized beyond the prostate gland, generally undergo treatment with medications intended on reducing testosterone being produced in the body, a hormone which believed to be feeding cancer spread. However, when such treatment is unsuccessful, then the sole accepted choice presently is Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug that has frequently been observed to not succeed. Cabazitaxel was tested during a large-scaled study involving 755 males from twenty-six countries having cancer in a continual state of progression in spite of being administered Taxotere. In that study, half of those men who were administered cabazitaxel (intravenous administration in three weekly interval) survived a median of over fifteen months in comparison to the around thirteen months in those males who  [...]

Posted in News on March 4th, 2010

Avandia – Common Confounding FAQs Resolved
Storm rages high over medication Avandia and its likely connections to cardiovascular problems. The recent news has raised enormous doubts amongst Avandia users. Below mentioned are prevalent queries regarding the drug, inclusive of what must or must not be done in case of those people who take Avandia. What are the worries regarding Avandia and cardiovascular safety? According to record study backed by GSK, Avandia appeared to raise the chances of cardiac failure among particular patients; however the study failed to detect any additional risk of cardiac attack or fatality. This finding is disparate to a few, though not all trials. Outcomes of a meta-study conducted in 2007 elicited a bout of apprehensions regarding Avandia, indicated that those individuals who took Avandia were at a greater likelihood of suffering from heart attack and fatality due to heart causes. A trial conducted during the end of 2009 showed that the chance of fatality and heart attack in older age group diabetic  [...]

Posted in News on March 3rd, 2010

Male Anti-aging Quest Transcends New Boundaries
Despite male anti-aging remedies of hot tub, surgical intervention and Advil do seem to suffice many, yet there are others who venture even further. However, a Las-Vegas based private-owned age-management company, Cenegenics promises to fine tune an aging body in spite of worn out parts. Their anti-aging mantra is belligerent therapy involving metabolism tweaking. At a yearly expenditure of nearly ten thousand dollars, majority of which the insurance providers do not cover – those males striving at counteracting the caustic outcomes of ageing have to adhere to the below mentioned steps that are part of their age-management program. Daily healthful intake of prescribed amounts of calcium, co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) tablets, an anti-oxidant melatonin, fish oil, vitamin D, fruit extract of saw palmetto and dehydroepiandrosterone (the system’s most copious steroid). Low-glycemic index diets, jogging, weight lifting are advised. An intramuscular testosterone shot (instead of the ingconsumer-friendly  [...]

Posted in Fitness & Exercise on March 2nd, 2010

Spartacus Workout Program – Dare to Take it up?
Spartacus Workout program is a type of circuit workout program building strength alongside challenging aerobic capability. The ten exercises included in the Spartacus workout program are intended at jointly working every area of the body, with a minute-lasting station for each exercise for challenging the cardiovascular and lung capacity along with muscle strength. Performing a single set of every exercise in sequence and doing every exercise for a minute’s time and targeting a weight that is testing enough for fifteen to twenty repetitions. Moving in-between exercises in fifteen seconds and resting for two minutes subsequent to having concluded all the ten exercises. It is advisable doing the complete circuit of ten exercises thrice in a week leaving a gap of a single day in between. Goblet Squats Engaging both hands, grasping a dumbbell end in a manner that it is held perpendicularly in front of the chest and standing with feet slightly placed apart, ahead of shoulder width. Maintaining  [...]

Posted in Skin on March 1st, 2010

Vitiligo – Disregarding an Agonizingly Apparent Condition
Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder causing loss of pigmentation in blotches of skin. About 3 million people from the U.S. have this disorder. The precise cause of vitiligo is unclear and experts are yet to decipher why the body makes antibodies which assault and obliterate pigment-producing cells. The colourless skin patches appear more apparent when the skin tone is darker. However for individuals of all skin tones, vitiligo could be immensely distressing due to all the public gawking, work interviews becoming digressed among several other harrowing incidents faced on a daily basis. An array of vitiligo treatments ranging from topically applied creams, UV-light treatment to surgery exist, yet not one of them being ideal enough to be able to cure this disorder. Several dermatologists unequivocally inform patients about no cure existing and that it is a kind of cosmetic disorder that could not be treated. Several patients are unaware of their choices, which is quite a distressing trend. Adding  [...]

Posted in Disease & Disorders, Musculoskeletal on February 24th, 2010

Hip Replacement – Minimally Invasive Procedure Makes Headway
Hip replacement has been among those operations that has earned immense success in the medical field due to minor complications and speedy recuperation rates. The method that orthopaedic surgeons employ is known as anterior hip replacement, one among numerous less invasive surgical procedures that are linked to briefer hospitalization, smaller-sized slit, lesser muscle injury, less painfulness and bleeding, lesser chances of the hip dislocating post-surgery, swifter recuperation and a faster revert to normal existence. Patients have cited being capable of walking with no need of walkers or canes and being capable of putting complete weight on their operated side. Within a day’s time post-surgery, patients are discharged from hospital and are able to walk home sans any limping. An exhaustive physical therapy is to be followed by such patients recommended five times per week for a fortnight that they could do in the confines of their home. A specially designed operating table was developed  [...]

Posted in Brain & Nervous System, Disease & Disorders, Mental health on February 24th, 2010

Tourette’s syndrome – Taming the Tics
Tourette’s syndrome is a perplexing disorder causing peculiar tics, abrupt jerkiness and bizarre vocalizations. Frequently, tics ailments and tic-associated obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) happen collectively and mostly assuage or even subside in early adulthood. However, lamentably at times elevated dosages of SSRI antidepressants (for instance, Prozac) would be needed for deriving a favourable response. Furthermore, sometimes augmenting the SSRI with another medicine is required. The outcomes of a latest study showed that several of the obsessive compulsive disorder cases in remission continued their intake of an SSRI antidepressant medicine. The ideal treatment in case of early inset, tic-associated O.C.D is generally a merger of medicines and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mostly a definite method known as exposure and response deterrence. During a remedial session of exposure and response deterrence, the patient and the analyst start off with a reciprocally decided upon  [...]

Posted in Addiction & Control, News on February 23rd, 2010

Medical Marijuana – Meritorious Report Card
Investigators from California that offered an update of their research outcomes believe that marijuana shows potential for treating a number of precise, pain-associated medical disorders with mounting substantiation backing marijuana or the components of cannabis being beneficial as an adjuvant therapy of neuropathy. Though whether it could be employed as a vanguard treatment is still unknown, but researchers are hopeful that the outcomes of their studies would elicit bigger-scaled ones involving a wide-ranging populace. Findings of these studies that were put forth to the California Legislature during last week had its share of critics who found the studies erroneous and were apprehensive regarding the long-standing health outcomes of marijuana smoke. Outlook – Medical Marijuana Study Several onlookers contemplated that the investigators put forth their details to the California legislature for calling awareness to marijuana studies as a proposal to sanction marijuana for broad usage  [...]

Posted in Mens Health, Sexual Health on February 22nd, 2010

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – Decoding Vital Cues
Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID generally initiates as a bacterial infection and cervical inflammation (cervicitis) that is commonly due to presence of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea or Chlamydia. PID has additionally been associated to imbalanced level of organisms usually present in the vagina which then spreads to other organs in the female reproductive system. In case not treated, PID could lead to scar tissue or adhesion formation which could be causal in incessant pelvic pain, sterility and ectopic pregnancy. Hence prompt treatment is crucial in case one is experiencing 1 or 2 PID symptoms. Soreness or pain felt in the lower abdomen. Painful sensation or soreness sensed on touching or palpating ovaries or fallopian tubes during exam. Cervical pain or soreness on palpitation. Symptoms that raise chances of developing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Greenish or yellowish coloured discharge from the vagina. A lab test outcome that corroborates presence  [...]

Posted in Mens Health, Sexual Health on February 19th, 2010

Varicocele Infertility – What Men need to be heedful about?
Varicocele is an unusual swelling or enlargement in the varicose veins present in the scrotum. These are commonly noted to affect fifteen percent of men on the whole, and forty percent of men with identified infertility. Varicoceles are usually noted to develop in the left testicle. The varicocele repair surgery for improving male fertility is generally performed on an outpatient basis under the influence of local or general anaesthesia. A tiny slit is done on the abdominal area just near the site where originally testicles descended via the abdominal wall. The veins producing the varicocele are detected and incised for eliminating blood supply to the varicocele. Optionally, a non-operative method known as percutaneous embolization could be performed for treating varicocele infertility. A tiny catheter is introduced via a big vein in the neck/groin, slowly advancing it to the varicocele, which is blocked-up using a balloon, loop or medicines. Post Surgery – What to expect? Varicocele  [...]

Posted in Addiction & Control on February 18th, 2010

Risky Cocktail Combos – Energy Drinks and Alcohol
College-going crowds who indulge in drinking and habituated to swilling alcoholic and energy drink concoctions are thrice more prone to getting squashed out as compared to those drinking solely alcoholic drinks. What is even more appalling is that those who imbibed such energy mélange are four folds more prone to attempting drunken drinking, a finding by investigators from Univ. of Florida. Researchers explicated that on blending alcoholic drinks along with energy drinks could have a deceptive action on the brain making those who consume it feel they are sober when actually the contrary holds true. Researchers noted that nearly twenty-eight percent of college-goers indulged in this form of concoction drinking. For gathering data, the research team queried nearly eight hundred clients who left bars located at college revelry areas in-between ten prior midnight to three a.m. in the morning. They interrogated them regarding their drinking and regarding if they were intent on driving.  [...]

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