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Posted in Brain & Nervous System, Disease & Disorders, Mental health on January 10th, 2011

Multiple Personality Disorder
Multiple personality disorder (presently termed dissociative identity disorder) is a rather rife consequence of acute traumas in early infancy, generally intense, repeated abuse (physically, sexually, &/or emotionally). Experiencing mild-ranging dissociations like when one daydreams or goes astray when doing some task happens to a large majority of people. But, multiple personality disorder is an acute type of dissociation, a mental process producing a dearth of correlation in an individual’s thought process, recollections, emotions, deeds or sense of self. It is believed to arise from a traumatic experience that the individual underwent. The disconnect factor is believed to be a means to cope – the individual plainly disconnects himself/herself from a scenario or experiences which are rife with violence, trauma or pains for assimilating with his/her cognisant self. Multiple personality disorder does exist and typified by the subsistence of duo or more diverse or split personalities  [...]

Posted in Disease & Disorders on January 7th, 2011

Mumps Symptoms
Mumps is an exceedingly communicable virus-caused infection generally affecting kids. When an individual contracts mumps, he/she would generally have developed immunity from any supplementary infection. Even since the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine has been offered since the eighties as one of the many infancy vaccines, mumps cases have dropped notably, with below a hundred cases cited since the mid-nineties. Though there has been a rise in the occurrences of mumps cases & six years ago mumps pandemic lead to more than forty-three thousand cases in Britain - majority of them noted among teens & youngsters. It is believed that the latest mumps outbreak has been since individuals in this age band did not receive the MMR vaccine, however, additionally they did not have an innate immunity against mumps since they hadn’t earlier contracted the infection. Another deciding factor is that several parents have opted not to get their kid immunized with the MMR vaccination. The mumps  [...]

Posted in Disease & Disorders, Skin on January 3rd, 2011

Pityriasis Rosea Gibert
Pityriasis rosea Gibert is a skin condition wherein rashes develop prevalently among individuals in the age group of ten & thirty-five years of age. These rashes could remain on the skin for many weeks or even months on end. Generally, they don’t leave lasting blemishes though among individuals with duskier skin tone it could leave lasting flattish brown-coloured marks which gradually lighten. Pityriasis rosea Gibert could surface yearlong though commonly during spring & autumn. Symptoms Pityriasis rosea Gibert generally commences with large-sized, flaking, pinkish patches over the trunk, back and known as heralds or mother patches and often mistaken to be ringworm infection. Hence, anti-fungal topical applications fail to be of any assistance since it isn’t fugus-caused. In seven to fourteen days, the pinkish patches start appearing in greater numbers on the trunk, arm, leg & back areas though even surfacing on the neck, though atypically on the facial area. The patch  [...]

Posted in Fitness & Exercise on January 1st, 2011

Perfect Pushup Tips for Best Results
Push-ups use our bodies own weight alongside gravity for toning and conditioning muscles. Numerous fitness gurus have dubbed push-ups as the nearest thing there exists to an ideal workout. One prime reason for push-ups having lasted that long is because they are uncomplicated, economical and equipment-free capable of working several body areas at the analogous instant & every person – novice or athlete could garner advantages. As engaging of all muscles amid shoulder to toe areas are done during push-ups inclusive of every major core muscle type of the chest, abs, leg & hip areas hence it is beneficial to several muscle sets through the body. Push-ups have an added advantage for the female gender. Push-ups are deemed resistance exercise hence alongside strengthening muscles, they are also help to build bone strength and has efficacy at part with weight-assisted workouts. The Perfect Pushup – Tips to Master the Fundamentals Though numerous variants of push-up are present,  [...]

Posted in Healthy diet on December 31st, 2010

Cabbage Soup Diet – Shed 10 Lbs in A Week
Editions of the vastly restrictive cabbage soup diet have managed to hog significant attention as it assures a ten lbs weight reduction in a week’s time. A dieter would be restricting himself/herself for just seven days at an instant on the plan. In case further weight reduction is intended then the dieter is suggested waiting for a while prior to getting started on another seven days on this extra-low calorific diet plan. Cabbage Soup Diet – What could be eaten The week-long cabbage soup diet permits one to consume as much as one can till the time one adheres to the mini listing of permissible foods on alternating days, alongside duo everyday bowlfuls of zero-fat cabbage-based soups. Fruits, veggies, skimmed milk & meats are some particular food types which are to be consumed. Every dieter is even recommended drinking plentiful water & evading intake of alcoholic drinks. Explained herewith is a model of the diet plan: 1st Day – Cabbage-based soups plus loads of fruits  [...]

Posted in General Health, Women's Health on December 27th, 2010

Prenatal Vitamins – The Best Health Insurance Ever
For optimal maternal-foetal health, so-dubbed prenatal vitamins are recommended during gestation. They are specifically devised multivitamin blends making up for any nutrient deficits in maternal dietetic intake. Even as these supplements have several mineral, vitamin types the contents of iron, folic acid, calcium hold paramount importance. Why iron, folic acid & calcium is necessary for pregnant females Folic acid could lower chances of delivering an infant having a grave birth anomaly affecting brains, spinal cord known as neural tube with spina bifida being the highly pervasive neural tube flaw wherein innately improper closure of the spine occurs. The nerves that face exposure as a result of this suffer damage which leaves the kid with differing extent of paralysis, becomes incontinent & at times even mentally retarded. Development of neural tube flaws is noted in the initial twenty-eight days after getting pregnant; before several females even comprehend they have  [...]

Posted in Fitness & Exercise on December 20th, 2010

Weight Loss by Running – Tips for Maximizing Performances & Form
A basic yet important principle applicable to all sports is form optimization for improved performances & lesser injury. It is principally pertinent for runners. Weight loss by running while also protecting muscle & joint types is to be taken into consideration at all times and here are some handy tips for becoming an abler runner. Tip #1 – Lightening Up When one runs hard or strikes the feet on the floor using max vigour, it causes an increase in force intensities transmitted throughout the body thus contributing to newer injury or aggravating existent problems. All this creates discomforting experiences for runners. Hence for running in a light manner one should actively try to soften the sounds that the feet would make when they hit earth. Tip #2 – Be vigilant about the leaning When one excessively leans forwards it tends to increase weight on the frontal portion of the knee & limiting apt arm motion that could slacken a runner. Hence, one should be standing by  [...]

Posted in Fitness & Exercise, Healthy diet on December 17th, 2010

Weight Loss Tip – Exercise Pre-Breakfast for Best Results
The festival season has its share of myriad delights & regrettably several counteracting dietetic downfalls. The most able-bodied & regimented could yield to indulgences of fatty, calorific bliss that abound this time as compared to the rest of the year. Health upshots, when behaviours are not kept under check could be fast & perturbing. A recently conducted trial by Australian researchers noted that subsequent to merely 3 days, an exceedingly fatty, calorie-laden dietetic intake could cause a pike in blood glucose levels & insulin resistance which has the potential of augmenting chances of developing type II diabetes. Expansions in waist measurements too are noted during the holiday season eliciting self-censuring and self-blaming alongside impracticable resolution for the New Year. However a new-fangled trial appearing in ‘The Journal of Physiology’ indicates a weight loss tip that is far unfailing & an easier retort by running or bicycling prior to eating the  [...]

Posted in Disease & Disorders on December 13th, 2010

Jet Lag Easing & Prevention Strategies
Jet lag could surface at any instant one travels swiftly athwart duo or more time zones throwing an individual’s circadian rhythm (biological clock that aids in controlling sleep and waking up) out of whack.  Greater the number of times zones crossed, more the likelihood of one experiencing greater intensity jet lag symptoms like sleep disturbances, weariness during day times, problems in concentration & operating, abdominal issues, sluggishness, sleepiness. Jet lag is a fleeting sleep disorder though not that transitory enough for a number of air-travellers. It could take nearly a day’s time for every time zone travelled across for our bodies in adjusting to the local times. For those going east-to-west could expect experiencing jet lag for 4-5 days – around ½ the numbers of time zones one journeyed across. Jet lag is usually worse when one loses time touring west-to-east. The pressurization of air cabins at thousands of ft. in air lowers oxygen supply in the blood and makes  [...]

Posted in General Health on December 10th, 2010

Swine Flu or Common Cold – How to Tell the Difference
Comprehending if it swine flu, cold or flu is vital since flu could cause grave complications like pneumonia or also mortality. Hence flu treatment within two days of the person becoming symptomatic is deemed the finest approach. Also when on takes anti-viral medications prescribed by physicians it could reduce the time that one is ill. Flu – Swiftly, Furiously arising symptoms When one feels as though one has been run over by a heavy vehicle, it perhaps is the flu and symptoms have a tendency of arising abruptly. Typical signs & symptoms entail throat soreness, headaches, fever, pains felt in the muscles, feeling congested & coughing. Colds generally entail dribbling nose while flu signs & symptoms generally improve within 2-5 days. However, it isn’t unusual to be feeling miserable and run down. Colds generally have a more gradual onset & lasting for around a week’s time. Have I contracted Swine Flu? Swine flu & the usual influenza do have several symptom  [...]

Posted in Skin on December 6th, 2010

Home Remedies for Acne
Acne erupts mainly due to excess secretion of a greasy matter known as sebum in your hair follicle that merges with lifeless skin cells and leads to pore clogging. Follicular inflammation then results and whiteheads, blackheads or pimples develop. The reason for sebum being overproduced is still unclear, though hormones are believed to be the key factor.Here are several home remedies for acne; however, it is imperative that one firstly check with dermatologists prior to attempting alternative therapies. Simple Home Remedies for Acne Dicing lemons into equal parts and manually squeezing them or with juicers till one has obtained a few oz. of lemon juice in a tumbler. Measuring the quantity of this juice and then pouring it in a bowl having a cover. Now taking rose water of the analogous measurement and pour it in the analogous bowl having the lemon extract and then mixing them together. After washing off the face, applying the mix on the skin’s surface and letting it stay for around  [...]

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