Fabulous Knee Strengthening Exercises

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Our knees literally go through the mill every day since they have to bear an elevated proportion of one’s body weight when one stands and also additional forces when one walks or runs. Moreover, knees are vulnerable to injuries during sideways strikes particularly when one’s feet are placed on the ground. For injury prevention or rehabilitation of existent injuries to the knees here are several exercises to be performed week-by-week on many instances. It would help in strengthening the connective tissue/muscle types that surround the knee joints hence enhancing their capability of withstanding the forces wielded on them. Russian Hamstrings movements These movements strengthen hamstrings located on backside of the thigh area crossing the knee joints and attaching to the bones of the lower leg region. The hams assist in stabilizing knee joint areas and flexing knees so that feet move towards the butts. Take into consideration the following steps for performing this exercise: Being  [...]

The Ultimate All-Body Workout – Part II

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Get started right away with these result-driven moves and shed ten, fifteen or even twenty pounds in just a month’s time. Bushed Bug Pose with Stability Ball This ab-tightening exercise is to be started off by lying with your back bracing the ground, bending knees and feet flattened with stability ball held ahead of the trunk region. Raising legs, bending knees perpendicularly in a manner that the shinbones are lying parallel to the ground and ball to be suspended by exerting pressure onto it using hand (extending arms) and knees. Concurrently, lowering left arm directly to the backside of the head and extending right leg forwards so that these duo are hovering a couple of inches away from the ground. Bringing left arm and right knee for touching stability ball once more. Doing ten repetitions, switching sides and repeating. Ball-wall Clutch Areas of the shoulder, abdominals and upper portion of back are targeted through these moves. Clutching a stability ball  [...]

The Ultimate All-Body Workout – Part I

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Irrespective of whether one intends on trimming a couple of inches or wants to drop down a couple of sizes, this workout plan would help in impelling you towards your goal in no less than a month’s time. The secret to success is switching or alternating swiftly between core, upper and lower body trimming exercises for revving up cardiac rate for burning additional calories. Extensions & Reaches This exercise would target body parts such as the leg, shoulder, arm and abdominals. Standing in a manner that feet are placed at a distance hip-width apart and a weight (dumbbell) held in the right hand. Raising the right leg at the back of oneself. To simplify the move, try raising left leg as it would aid in maintaining abler balance.The left knee is to be bent perpendicularly and right hand is to be reached ahead of the left shin as though one were attempting to touch the weight to the ground. Returning to one-legged standing pose and bring right hand to right shoulder and  [...]

Busy-Bee Guide to Easy and Beneficial Stretching Exercises

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All those slogging their derrieres off in desk-bound jobs and feeling soreness and weary, stretching exercises are the quick-fix break. Spending protracted time holding a biro or typing away on a laptop, finger stretching exercises would considerably help in de-stressing those paws. Finger Stretching Separating and stretching the fingers till the time one senses a stretch, keep the hand aligned with the wrist and holding for ten seconds. Subsequently, bending the knuckle of the last and mid finger and keep the hand and wrist in analogous pose and then holding for ten seconds and then relaxing. Back Stretching This might appear alike one doing a quick scratch to the back; however in actuality the back side of the arm is getting stretched as a consequence. Reaching hand at the back of the head and placing hand on one’s upper portion of back and keep arm near the ear. In a gentle manner, holding the elbow using one’s opposing hand. Pulling elbow towards  [...]

Core Exercises with Stability Ball

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Core Exercises target strengthening the core muscles inclusive of abdominals, pelvis and back area. Stability or fitness balls in varying sizes could be used for doing several core exercises. In majority of the exercises, it is preferable to opt for such a stability ball that facilitates the knees in making a perpendicular inclination while seated on it with the feet placed on the ground. The firmness of the stability ball is directly proportional to the difficulty level of the core exercises being undertaken with it. All the core exercises have to be done 5 times, breathing liberally and intensely during each one of the core exercises. Focusing to tighten the deep-set abdominals (transversus abdominis) in every exercise is crucial. As the fitness levels rise, one could increase the count to 10-15 reps. Reaches and Squats Holding the stability ball ahead of oneself and bending the knees. Keeping back erect and arms parallel to the ground and not letting the knees in extending  [...]

Spartacus Workout Program – Dare to Take it up?

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Spartacus Workout program is a type of circuit workout program building strength alongside challenging aerobic capability. The ten exercises included in the Spartacus workout program are intended at jointly working every area of the body, with a minute-lasting station for each exercise for challenging the cardiovascular and lung capacity along with muscle strength. Performing a single set of every exercise in sequence and doing every exercise for a minute’s time and targeting a weight that is testing enough for fifteen to twenty repetitions. Moving in-between exercises in fifteen seconds and resting for two minutes subsequent to having concluded all the ten exercises. It is advisable doing the complete circuit of ten exercises thrice in a week leaving a gap of a single day in between. Goblet Squats Engaging both hands, grasping a dumbbell end in a manner that it is held perpendicularly in front of the chest and standing with feet slightly placed apart, ahead of shoulder width. Maintaining  [...]

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