An Overview of Breast Cancer Causes

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Though exact breast cancer causes continue to be fuzzy, but key risk factors are clear. Yet astonishingly, several females thought to be at high risk of developing breast cancer do not develop the disease whereas several other women that have no identified risk factors get the disease. Amongst the most important risk factors are progressing age and family case history of the disease. Risk would augment to some extent in case of women that had developed a non-malignant lump in their ovaries or breast tissues. A woman having a direct family history or first degree blood relatives like sibling, offspring or mother that has the disease could raise her chances of developing breast cancer by two to three folds. Investigators have been able to detect duo genes that are accountable for a number of cases of breast cancer running in families – known as the BRCA1 and BRCA2. Nearly 1 female in two hundred is believed to be a carrier of these genes. Women who have the gene are predisposed to developing  [...]

Multivitamins – A Plausible Breast Cancer Risk Factor

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We are perennially being advised about how the everyday intake of multivitamins could aid in improving general health and wellbeing and could even shield from ailments like cancer. However, a novel study has indicated that this apparently healthful habit might in fact be a breast cancer risk factor. The study took into account information from 35,000 females from Sweden in the age group 49-83 years old, that did not have cancer at the commencement of a ten year time period. After ten years, the researchers uncovered that older females that were taking multivitamins were nineteen percent more prone to developing breast cancer in comparison to females that did not have multivitamins. This discovery was accurate irrespective of whether the females engaged in smoking, or were taking hormones intended for allaying menopause symptoms over that decade. Investigators of the latest study helmed by Susanna C.Larsson, PhD, from the Karolinska Inst., Stockholm, Sweden came to a conclusion that the  [...]

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