Medical Marijuana – Meritorious Report Card

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Investigators from California that offered an update of their research outcomes believe that marijuana shows potential for treating a number of precise, pain-associated medical disorders with mounting substantiation backing marijuana or the components of cannabis being beneficial as an adjuvant therapy of neuropathy. Though whether it could be employed as a vanguard treatment is still unknown, but researchers are hopeful that the outcomes of their studies would elicit bigger-scaled ones involving a wide-ranging populace. Findings of these studies that were put forth to the California Legislature during last week had its share of critics who found the studies erroneous and were apprehensive regarding the long-standing health outcomes of marijuana smoke. Outlook – Medical Marijuana Study Several onlookers contemplated that the investigators put forth their details to the California legislature for calling awareness to marijuana studies as a proposal to sanction marijuana for broad usage  [...]

Confounding EMF Findings – Persisting apprehensions amid Swerving Expert Opinions

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With personal radiation meters spiking off, several people have changed residences. Newly installed Wi-Fi routers are being deemed the reasons for dizziness, collapsing and ADHD-alike signs surfacing among a number of individuals. There are several people crusading against EMFs (low-level electromagnetic fields) of varying forms, inclusive of microwave radiations emitted from mobile phones and mobile phone towers and magnetic forces encircling power lines. There are live instances of people who have had convalesced from EMF while several others continue to suffer from them and rendered inoperative due to it, several living in trailers due to its metallic wall constitution which people believe would shield them from EMFs. Researchers disagree as to how EMFs could have damaging outcomes on health of human beings – or whether there are any detrimental effects at all – however that has not impeded global EMF alarm escalating new-fangled proportions particularly in Europe. Campaigners  [...]

Male Boobs: Fat-busting Contraptions to Erase Flaws

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Although males continue to be in minority - merely ten percent of all cosmetic surgery entrants, yet greater numbers of fairly young, trim guys are opting for plastic surgery. Thousands of males despite working out right, maintaining appropriate dietetic intake continue to have a woman-like chests. Fondly dubbed as ‘moobs’ or ‘man boobs’, medically termed as gynecomastia is a mounting issue. For comparatively fit men having mobs, doctors state that this problem is not always the consequence of improper lifestyle or pitiable dietetic intake – though these apparently are contributors to breast development and becoming obese. Breasts chiefly comprise of fat (adipose) and breast tissue and all men possess it; however a number of males have excessive growth when they enter pubescence. In several cases it subsides whereas for others it is hardly apparent. But for quite a few men, it is an issue that tends to only worsen, particularly as years pass by and build adipose and muscle  [...]

FDA Alert! Bogus Alli Being Sold Online

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has raised a caveat to be wary of the counterfeit copies of the widely bought non-prescription weight loss drug Alli that is being sold online and could have detrimental outcome on weight-watchers. The discovery of these fake copies is being marketed on online auctioning websites like eBay. They are being solely vended in sixty milligrams, 120-count refill sachets and bear considerable similarity to the real Alli. GlaxoSmithKline, in-charge of making the FDA-accepted version of the drug mentioned that the bogus Alli has a constituent known as Sibutramine which must not be consumed without the doctor’s supervision and might have potentially grave counter-reactions with other types of prescription medicines. However, these fake drugs do not have orlistat – the key constituent present in GSK’s product, Alli and Xenical being manufactured by Roche. On the contrary, fake Alli has sibutramine as its components. Sibutramine is the key constituent  [...]

10 Stirring Tips to Staying Galvanised for an Upbeat 2010

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With the onset of a novel decade, let us all bear in mind the simple ten amendments that could be followed to bring about a productive change in our lives. 1. Setting small, achievable targets and smaller strides Slow but sure strides egg on individuals towards reaching out for bigger changes. For instance weight loss is intended, then changing small facets of one’s consumption, resolving to eat salads for meal times, and then following this practice for a week’s time. Jotting it down on a calendar for making it tangible and rewarding oneself on having made personal amendments. 2. Positive Framing of Goals In spite of the established health hazards of smoking, merely mulling over the habit negatively would not assist in nixing it. Research have revealed that it is harder to have high motivational levels regarding evading cancer, though more easy to reflect about the bad after-smell and cash being saved as motives to cease smoking. All those intending to cease doing something  [...]

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