Thigh Fractures Risk Related to Osteoporosis Medications – Probing Safer Choices

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Individuals taking a grade of osteoporosis medicines known as bisphosphonates for more than 5 years might be facing an augmented danger of suffering from fracture in the femur region, according to a caveat lately raised by the FDA. The risk would be included in the labelling of this category of osteoporosis medicines. Those coming under this class are: Ibandronate (Boniva). Alendronate (Fosamax or its plus D version & generic types). Zoledronic acid (Reclast). Risedronate (Atelvia, Actonel alone or alongside calcium & generic versions). The paradox is that such medications have been formulated for preventing fracture in bones, thus for osteoporosis patients or those who take any of the above mentioned medications here is the best approach to take. Since long warning about the potential risk associated with bisphosphonate-based drugs have been surfacing. In case there has been diagnosis of low bone mass or density – a condition known as osteopenia or a condition  [...]

Latest Scoop on Flu Vaccination for Fall 2010-2011

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In 2010, the CDC has amended its parameters about flu vaccines for the current year. Stating it uncomplicatedly, all people from six months of age onwards are presently advised on getting inoculated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation, the inoculation must happen no sooner has the shot become obtainable. Majority of the individuals would require solely a single vaccine since the immunity developing as a result would endure for the complete flu season. Several kids might require getting duo dosages. Preventing flu is vital and one must bear in mind to utilize all means identified for reducing the chances of getting and transmitting the flu. This would include wash your hands at regular intervals, cover nasal and oral areas when one sneezes & coughs (ideally in the crook of the arm rather than the hands), evading close-contact with sickly people and most vital is to avoid going to schools or jobs when people are ill. Last year bore silent witness  [...]

Promising Least Invasive Heart Valve Replacement Operation

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Several individuals ailing from a life-menacing cardiac problem called severe aortic stenosis can be benefited by a trial therapy which circumvents the need for open heart operation for replacing aortic valves, a novel research has indicated. Nearly one and a half million people in the U.S. have aortic stenosis – an advancing constricting of the aortic valve which thwarts pumping of blood supply from the heart to the rest of the body & brains. Around 300000 of such individuals have an adequately acute problem that necessitates the valves to be artificially replaced. However open heart surgery could carry significant risk for around 1 in 3 patients, several of them being aged for whom there is presently no effectual therapy. Edwards Lifesciences Corp, California has provided funding and is behind the development of this investigational treatment created for properly positioning a novel aortic valve sans major surgical intervention. The replaced valve is affixed to catheter and threading  [...]

Intravenous Aspirin as Potential Novel Migraine Therapy

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Majority of the people suffering from headaches have individual ploys for respite – glugging down water, taking aspirin, exercising or possibly napping. However for over twenty-nine million people suffering from migraines, the anguish could be tricky in escaping. Novel study indicates that intravenous intake of aspirin – a migraine therapy that has been largely employed in EU – might be an effectual migraine therapy in the United States. Scientists accessed info of over 160 patients with hospitalization in U.K. for treating continual headache experienced on a daily basis and were offered standard of 5 dosages of aspirin intravenously. As per research finding appearing in the latest edition of the journal ‘American Academy of Neurology’ 2/3rds of the patients cited a lowering in pains post-therapy. Aspirin intake in pill form is effectual in the treatment of severe migraine types. However according to Doctor Peter Goadsby co-authoring the research, administering an additionally  [...]

Tumultuous teens and Self-Embedding Mutilation

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A latest teen behaviour is bound to cause utter distress to parents in the United States. Physicians have uncovered a much-concealed type of intentional self-harm by teens – object-embedding using items like needle, wood-based sharp items underneath the skin. In the recent past, issues with self-mutilation, especially amongst teenagers have caught the notice of media & in scientific researches. Self-mutilation is inflicting oneself with wounds unintended to being terminal though there is proof that individuals into the habit of harming themselves are at a greater risk of committing suicides. However a novel research done of six hundred kids who underwent radiotherapy imaging method in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio has indicated to another little-known type of deliberate self-harm (DSH) wherein kids insert objects underneath their skin. The kids underwent radiotherapy to assist in removing the small objects inserted within their soft tissues and were part of a long-standing  [...]

Boutique Medicine at Your Service

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A latest snippet appearing in the NY Times pondered whether the small numbers of patients who could manage to pay for added attention & admittance to their physicians in a boutique/ concierge practice of medicine may be ethically fraught as the additional bucks are deployed for supporting the conventional general practice which the huge mainstream of patients presently get. The word ‘concierge’ brings to mind plush hotel personnel tending to all your needs – answering queries, speaking multiple lingos, booking reservation to eateries, event and tour. Concierges at hotels are your insiders, people possessing personal information of whatever is necessary for you and one is given personal tending and pampering. Now envisage, your doctor offering the analogous thoughtful and considerate service. Undeniably, a petite yet rising numbers of doctors are providing such boutique care additionally dubbed retainer/concierge medicine. Doctors offer services classically not coming under  [...]

Cancer and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sufferers on a Psychedelic Trip

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Psychedelic drugs inclusive of Ecstasy and LSD are being employed by physicians in tests for treating life-menacing conditions inclusive of post traumatic stress disorder and cancer. Researchers are yet again endeavoring to provide evidence that hallucinogenic drugs could be of medicinal assistance more than forty years subsequent to authorities having put a stop to their usage both recreationally as well as study wise. Presently there are several researches that are in progress in different places across United States that are investigating psychedelic drugs such as ecstasy (MDMA), psilocybin and LSD, deemed the key constituent of magic mushrooms. Even though the study is yet in its first round, early outcomes from New York Univ. research has indicated that entrants were less frightened and had lesser wide-ranging anxiety. These study entrants were additionally seen to possess increasing acceptance of the process of passing away or death with no significant side-effects. The use of  [...]

Body Fat to promote Healing Process – Innate Scaffolding for Tissue Development

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A common occurrence in the field of science wherein what one discards away deeming it as thrash actually turns out to be of the highest value. This is what transpired with researcher and asst. Prof. in chemical and bio-molecular engineering from Rice, Deepak Nagrath. A study associate at that moment in Harvard Medical School, Nagrath was searching for means of growing cells in a scaffolding manner and got rid of the gummy substance from cell secretions. He exclaimed that believing what he saw in the plates was contaminated or having impurities he had disposed it off. The gluey matter obtained from fat (adipose) cells – or body fat – ended up being an innate extracellular ground substance – which was precisely what the researcher was on the lookout for. Researcher Nagrath, an employee of Rice and other co-investigators have ever since developed natural scaffolding which facilitates cells in growing and maturing. Researchers are hopeful that the novel matter obtained from body fat  [...]

Novel Diabetes Regulating Device AFREZZA – Ultra-Swift Acting Insulin Inhaler

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Researchers, Andrea Leone-Bay and associates from MannKind Corporation have illustrated novel ultra-fast acting suppertime insulin which could be taken as oral inhalation to be absorbed through the lungs. Available as AFREZZA this new-fangled type of insulin is inhalable as opposed to injection form. As the insulin absorption is so swift, AFREZZA’s outline strongly imitates the standard early insulin reaction noted among people in good health. AFREZZA is looking forward to garnering the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nod. Researchers stated that the novel insulin inhaler employs the Technosphere expertise, a release technology which is pertinent to an extensive array of other medications which are presently administered in shot or jab form. Similar to insulin, such drugs are proteins whose digestion and obliteration would occur in the stomach in case taken via the oral route. Technosphere’s another formula is MKC-180, a creation derived from an innate hormone which curbs  [...]

New Axiron Roll-on for treating Low Testosterone

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Though testosterone levels plummeting with age is a normal occurrence in males, but low testosterone could have an effect on their health. In a myriad ways, testosterone is the stuff making men what they are. All through a man’s lifetime, testosterone is known to maintain a man’s characteristics and plummeting progressively subsequent to crossing forty years of age. The drop is comparatively diminutive, averaging nearly one to two percent annually. On reaching mid-age and over, practically all males experience dip in testosterone, however only a miniscule proportion of aging males have testosterone levels far lower than deemed normal as per their age. Low testosterone is referred to below three hundred nanograms/decilitre of blood reading. The signs of low testosterone comprise of low libido, erectile dysfunction, moodiness, lethargy, weariness and wakefulness. From all males with under normal testosterone levels, nearly a half or 2/3rd of them cites symptoms. Andropause in males  [...]

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