Skin Transplant Surgery Proffers Sanguinity to Vitiligo Skin Disorder Patients

Posted in News, Skin No discussion yet on March 18th, 2010

A pioneering trial of its type conducted in the Henry Ford Hospital, U.S., exhibited how skin transplant surgery is an effectual and safe treatment for vitiligo skin disorder. Investigators from Henry Ford Hospital did a follow-up on twenty-three patients with vitiligo skin disorder for nearly 6 months subsequent to skin transplant surgery and observed that the affected skin recovered typically fifty-two percent of its innate skin tone. Among 8 patients having a particular form of vitiligo skin disorder, the area under treatment was able to regain seventy-four percent of its innate skin tone. The skin transplant surgical procedure comprised of employing skin cells derived from body parts that had normal skin pigmentation and relocating them to the affected skin. The procedure is conducted after administering local anesthesia to the patient. Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi, the leading author, chief researcher as well as high-ranking staff doctor from the Department of Dermatology, Henry Ford Hospital  [...]

Vitiligo – Disregarding an Agonizingly Apparent Condition

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Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder causing loss of pigmentation in blotches of skin. About 3 million people from the U.S. have this disorder. The precise cause of vitiligo is unclear and experts are yet to decipher why the body makes antibodies which assault and obliterate pigment-producing cells. The colourless skin patches appear more apparent when the skin tone is darker. However for individuals of all skin tones, vitiligo could be immensely distressing due to all the public gawking, work interviews becoming digressed among several other harrowing incidents faced on a daily basis. An array of vitiligo treatments ranging from topically applied creams, UV-light treatment to surgery exist, yet not one of them being ideal enough to be able to cure this disorder. Several dermatologists unequivocally inform patients about no cure existing and that it is a kind of cosmetic disorder that could not be treated. Several patients are unaware of their choices, which is quite a distressing trend. Adding  [...]

Toilet Seat Dermatitis Makes a Novel Resurgence

Posted in Skin No discussion yet on February 1st, 2010

There has been a recent resurfacing of toilet seat dermatitis, a type of skin disease that was at one point of time believed to have been overcome in the United States. Exotic-appearing wood-based loo seats and harsh-natured chemical cleansing agents may be the reason for this comeback. A new-fangled study has documented 5 latest cases of toilet seat dermatitis among infants, several of whom ailed for years prior to receiving an accurate identification. During a news release, Dr. Bernard Cohen, MD, John Hopkins Children’s Center, Director, paediatric dermatology department and part of the research team explained that toilet seat dermatitis was one of the well-known skin conditions that has been widely illustrated in health manuals and observed in third world countries, however is one condition that several younger child specialists have not yet encountered in their every day practice. Dr. Cohen further added that in case their diminutive investigation is any suggestion of what is transpiring  [...]

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