Cellulite Removal: How Ozone Therapy Works?

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Have you ever heard of ozone therapy? Ozone therapy is used widely as a remedy for conditions like back pain and chronic ailments like cancer. However, the use of ozone therapy is most common for skin and hair care purposes. In this article we’ll discuss how ozone therapy helps in fighting cellulites. The molecule of Ozone includes 3 atoms of oxygen.  Gaseous oxygen on the other hand includes only 2 atoms of oxygen. Ozone is a gas found in less stable form compared to oxygen and hence this gas is more active chemically than oxygen. During the procedure of eliminating cellulites through ozone therapy, a solution made from ozone and oxygen is used to carry out a liposuction known as lipoliquidation therapy. The same solution is also used for the treatment of neurological disorders, circulatory issues, hepatitis etc. In case of treatment of cellulite, the ozone and oxygen based solution will transform lipids present in fatty tissues into a type of water soluble compound. This water soluble  [...]

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Axilase for Good Riddance From Sweat Marks

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Pit stains – haven’t we all been there – though what if you have a chance to bid adieu to your worries of ruining that designer outfit & a not-so-nice public display of your sweaty issue everlastingly? Well, you’re prayers have just been answered. N. Jersey Doctor M. Chasin is offering the Axilase method which is one-stop resolution for undue, irrepressible underarm perspiration or axillary hyperhidrosis. Axilase is the hottest top-notch method with corroborated FDA clearance for laser technology to drastically curb hyperhidrosis that can impact everyday routines, careers & also love life. Nearly five percent of the global populace ails from this problem, though not many are aware that there is ultimately a way of combating this aggravating & often mortifying condition. Axilase Hyperhidrosis Treatment The Aspire laser technology by Palomar is used for selective targeting sweat glands located in the armpits which are obliterated with the laser wavelength. Firstly,  [...]

Canker Sore (Apothous Ulcer) Home Remedies

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Canker sore is a smallish, excruciating non-communicable ulcer formation within the mouth classically with reddish margins & might develop in the tongue, inner portion of the lip/cheek & on mouth base. Though commonly occurring, the reason for canker sore arising is not known, usually taking a week to a fortnight for healing. When you are suffering from canker sore, express and effective reprieve tops the agenda. People need to bear in mind that, although, several physicians fondly tell patients that the canker sore would be lasting for a week sans therapy – it is hardly any sort of comforting news. In several situations, canker sore could be taking nearly a fortnight for healing; in case it lingers around for more time than this then visiting the dentist’s clinic is of paramount importance. In the meanwhile, here are several home cures for getting respite. Getting out the styptic stick – Several barbers have since long deployed styptic sticks for stemming blood loss  [...]

Pityriasis Rosea Gibert

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Pityriasis rosea Gibert is a skin condition wherein rashes develop prevalently among individuals in the age group of ten & thirty-five years of age. These rashes could remain on the skin for many weeks or even months on end. Generally, they don’t leave lasting blemishes though among individuals with duskier skin tone it could leave lasting flattish brown-coloured marks which gradually lighten. Pityriasis rosea Gibert could surface yearlong though commonly during spring & autumn. Symptoms Pityriasis rosea Gibert generally commences with large-sized, flaking, pinkish patches over the trunk, back and known as heralds or mother patches and often mistaken to be ringworm infection. Hence, anti-fungal topical applications fail to be of any assistance since it isn’t fugus-caused. In seven to fourteen days, the pinkish patches start appearing in greater numbers on the trunk, arm, leg & back areas though even surfacing on the neck, though atypically on the facial area. The patch  [...]

Home Remedies for Acne

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Acne erupts mainly due to excess secretion of a greasy matter known as sebum in your hair follicle that merges with lifeless skin cells and leads to pore clogging. Follicular inflammation then results and whiteheads, blackheads or pimples develop. The reason for sebum being overproduced is still unclear, though hormones are believed to be the key factor.Here are several home remedies for acne; however, it is imperative that one firstly check with dermatologists prior to attempting alternative therapies. Simple Home Remedies for Acne Dicing lemons into equal parts and manually squeezing them or with juicers till one has obtained a few oz. of lemon juice in a tumbler. Measuring the quantity of this juice and then pouring it in a bowl having a cover. Now taking rose water of the analogous measurement and pour it in the analogous bowl having the lemon extract and then mixing them together. After washing off the face, applying the mix on the skin’s surface and letting it stay for around  [...]

Facial Steaming – D.I.Y. Recipes That Work Wonders

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The answer to our incessant quest for looking flawless and young is surprisingly concealed in customs followed in the primeval era. Facial steaming for cleansing the body has been employed since the Roman era. In present times, it is part-and-parcel of facials offered at salons. Facial steaming proffers myriad advantages like: Unclogging pores of the skin Removal of lifeless skin cells. Enhancing blood circulation. Permitting deep-cleaning. Dislodging black or white heads and zits. One could easily reap the gains sans shelling out money at expensive salons when one could easily do it from the confines of your abode. All that’s needed is a good cleansing product, a vessel, water and a big towel. Facial steaming is basically heating a large-sized vessel having water and exposing the facial area to the vapours emitted for 5 minutes. It is such a straightforward method, though giving superlative outcomes. Another method is adding a few drops of essential oils of your  [...]

Sunscreen Use Necessary – No Matter If Your Black or White

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As the summer is tapering off, many people might have got a resplendent tan or yet working towards one. Hopefully majority of these tans are bottle/canister derived and people have been diligently donning sunscreen. A startling but true fact is that there are several folks of colour that virtually do not use sunscreens at all like many from the Afro-American and Hispanic populaces. Their thought process is that they do not require using sun shielding creams/lotions – and this erroneous belief has lead to a distressing rise in melanoma-related deaths among them. Though individuals of color have a tendency of developing skin cancer at a comparatively lesser rate as compared to the Caucasian populace, when these people with darker skin tone do develop skin cancer, their fatality rates mostly surpass that of their white-skinned equivalents. As per information furnished by the American Medical Association, the 5-year survival rate in case of melanoma is merely fifty-eight percent in people  [...]

Home Remedies to Cure Acne

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Acne, scientifically known as Acne Vulgaris, is a human skin disease. This disease, generally known as pimples, is most commonly found in the adolescence, the period of puberty, and hence, most people affected by acne are teenagers. Acne occurs when there are elevations formed in the skin, particularly, at areas which are rich in fats (eg: the face). There are depressions formed in the skin, which contain fat hormones from sebaceous glands, and these secretions, in turn, bring out elevated papules in the skin, called acne. Now, if there is a disease, there must be a way to control it. Dermatologists may charge you a chunk of your earnings for providing you the medicines to fix your acne. But if you are of the kinds who follow the grandma’s aid, here are some home-made remedies to control acne. Your kitchen is the depot for elements that can be used to control acne, in a natural way. You will need some ingredients of daily use, which are easily available and accessible. Listed below  [...]

Sunburn Remedies – Taking the Sting out of Overindulgent Sun Baking

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In spite of all the caveats regarding skin cancer, apparently no lessons seem to be learnt and the slightest glint of the sun’s rays, people are undressing into their bare essentials and baking themselves like roast duck. Duo kinds of light namely (UVA) ultraviolet A or (UVB) ultraviolet B rays are produced by the sun. These rays have diverse means of penetrating the skin. UVB rays are responsible for causing skin reddening. UVB rays, in the interim, trigger a skin reaction causing chemical release resulting in reddishness and inflammation. UVB rays in the long term could damage DNA of the skin. Sunburns – Delayed Effect Sunburns are barely ever noticed instantly. In case one spots skin reddishness instantaneously, one would possibly see a burn induced by the sun’s extreme heat instead of the UV rays, in precisely the analogous manner that skin reddening occurs due to being in close proximity to scorching flames. It is a sign that one would imminently develop sunburns; however,  [...]

Top 10 Triggering Factors of Psoriasis Symptoms

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Studies have indicated that being stressed could aggravate psoriasis symptoms since stress makes the body react. Being Stressed Doing deep breathing and counting till ten. Taking an unwinding soak. Calling a buddy for venting off some pent up stress. Meditation. Focussing on the optimistic, favourable aspects and incorporating relaxation methods into everyday routine. All these methods are great stress-busters and possibly aid in keeping psoriasis symptoms flare-ups at bay. Allergies Since immune system dons a vital part in allergy reactions as well as psoriasis hence there could be a plausible link between the duos. Study investigators have observed that there are increasing numbers of inflammatory mast cells (the type triggering allergy reactions) among individuals having psoriasis as compared to those not having the condition. In case a person does have some form of allergy then it advisable to steer clear from any individual triggering factors like woollen,  [...]

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