Apples – Superlative Cancer Prevention Food

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Crunching through an apple every day could largely assist in cancer prevention and also don key role in cancer treatment. Apples – Colorectal Cancer prevention A latest Polish study has shown that regular consumption of apples could lower the chances of colorectal cancer developing. The researchers evaluated 592 study entrants ailing from prostate cancer against 765 study entrants not having prostate cancer. Study outcome showed that people with prostate cancer had a weekly consumption of 9.5 portions in comparison to the disease-free individuals who had a weekly consumption of eleven portions. A lowered risk was noted with people who consumed an apple per day, with a 0.65 probability, whereas the risk was slashed to nearly half in individuals consuming more than a single apple each day. Consuming other fruits and veggies were not observed to have the analogous outcomes as apples on colorectal cancer risk. The shielding qualities of apple could be the outcome of the elevated amounts  [...]

New Cabazitaxel Drug Improves Life Expectancy in Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

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A new-fangled chemotherapy drug, cabazitaxel by Sanofi-Aventis, shows potential in improving life expectancy among men having advanced prostate cancer, as a final recourse in a clinical study. Men, in whom cancer had metastasized beyond the prostate gland, generally undergo treatment with medications intended on reducing testosterone being produced in the body, a hormone which believed to be feeding cancer spread. However, when such treatment is unsuccessful, then the sole accepted choice presently is Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug that has frequently been observed to not succeed. Cabazitaxel was tested during a large-scaled study involving 755 males from twenty-six countries having cancer in a continual state of progression in spite of being administered Taxotere. In that study, half of those men who were administered cabazitaxel (intravenous administration in three weekly interval) survived a median of over fifteen months in comparison to the around thirteen months in those males who  [...]

2 or more Soft Drinks Weekly Doubles Pancreatic Cancer Risk

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According to a new-fangled study, those who drank even two beverages or soft drinks weekly seem to almost raise their risk of developing pancreatic cancer by two folds or eighty-seven percent heightened risk in comparison to those that did not consume aerated drinks. There have been sharp reactions from the beverage industry to the study outcome terming it as erroneous and pointed to other studies that detected no link in-between consuming soda and pancreatic cancer. During 2009, Cancer affecting the pancreas was diagnosed in over forty thousand individuals in the United States. Pancreas located at the rear the stomach produces hormones like insulin for balancing sugar in blood and producing fluids with enzymes to assist in breaking down fats and protein present in food items. Study Facets As earlier research has shown diverse results regarding if consuming soft drinks would heighten pancreatic cancer risk, hence Mueller and his associates examined over sixty thousand entrants from  [...]

Green Tea – Amending Cigarette Smoke Elicited Lung Cancer Risk

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Outcomes of a randomized trial carried out in a Taiwan-based hospital reveal that green tea consumption could help in altering the consequences of cigarette smoke on risks of developing Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer is the principal reason behind all the cancer-related fatalities in Taiwan. Tea, especially green tea has been garnering significant amount of interest as tea polyphenols are potent forms of antioxidants. Tea has been proven to stall the development of tumors. On the other hand, previously conducted trials on green teas have been hampered due to faults in the case-comparison study that has intrinsic predispositions. The researchers, I-Hsin Lin and associates from the Chung Shan Medical University signed up 170 lung cancer sufferers and 340 individuals in normal health as control group. Surveys was carried out by these researchers for acquiring vital statistics traits, whether habituated to cigarette smoking, green tea intake, dietetic consumption of fruits and veggies, what kind  [...]

Splendid Alternative Ways of Purging Cancer

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Chemotherapy is not the sole means of trying to eliminate cancer as a range of unconventional ways could be adopted for treating cancer. All individuals have cancerous cells present in their system that fail to appear during regular tests till their numbers has proliferated to some billions. When physicians inform cancer patients about no further cancer cells being detected in their system following treatment, it merely translates to the fact that the tests have been incapable of detecting the cancerous cells as they have still not attained the noticeable size. Cancerous cells crop up in a person’s body nearly six to over ten instances during his/her lifespan. A strong immune system would obliterate and avert multiplication of cancerous cells and developing into tumors. Cancer presence in a person’s body is indicative of several nutrient deficits because of factors that are either heritable, environment-related, diet or way of life. These deficits could be surmounted by bringing  [...]

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