Cold Sores Natural Remedies

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Cold sores are frequently occurring blister formations surfacing on the lip or about the mouth areas. Around ninety per cent of the adult populace in the U.S. has had exposure to HSV1 (herpes simplex virus 1) which is causal to cold sore formations & spreading easily when one kisses or shares food, beverages or some utensil.

Those people with a history of cold sores are well-aware of the signs & symptoms associated with it – burning, tingling ensued by agonizing small blister formations. Also being stressed out, exposure to the sun’s rays, menses or a sickness might make cold sores recur.

With HSV1 being incurable, one may as well hang on till cold sores self-subside, generally in around a fortnight, or one could opt for cold sore therapy like prescription drugs that can accelerate the rate at which these cold sores are going away. An innate cold sore cure might even be helpful. Here are several innate therapy choices.


An herbal extract whose application as tinctures helps resolve bothersome cold sore and is also claimed to be an immune-system booster, though there’s shortage of proof to back this. Largely trials done on Echinacea have been for curing colds, though it has been deployed for treating skin problems & might even encourage cold sore healing. Likely associated side-effects comprise of lowered WBC count & even interfere with other drugs.


It is an important nutritional protein which people could take in supplemental form or getting it from a diet replete with fishes, chicken, potato & egg. Several trials have found that intake of 1-3 gm. lysine daily could cut short cold sores outbreaks & might even avert relapses. A likely side-effect though, is high cholesterol – animal-based trials have found that the use of lysine in supplemental form might increase triglycerides & cholesterol levels. It might even have an interfering effect with some medicines.


A resin accumulated from some tree species by the bee community, in small-scaled trial has been found to have greater efficacy against genitally occurring herpes virus as compared to prescription-only topically applied medicines. It might even be working to resolve cold sore. It is laden with infection-combating antioxidant presences & prevents herpes simplex virus 1 from reproduction in test-tubes trials. Those individuals with bee sting allergy might develop allergic responses on taking propolis.


It is an herb form which has conventionally been deployed in TCM & deemed by many as an immune system-booster. Several trials have found that it even brought about improvements in herpes (genitally or orally occurring) symptoms. There’s some proof in test-tube trials that the herb could hamper herpes simplex virus being reproduced. Though the NIH points out that astragalus could be safely used by the adult populace, it has cautioned that associated side-effects are tricky in predicting since it’s generally coalesced alongside other herb forms in therapy.

Lemon Balm

Many trials back lemon balm’s effectiveness in remedying cold sores. A trial uncovered that the herbal extract deployed in lip salves lowered cold sore signs & symptoms subsequent to duo days. In majority of the trials, lemon balm application twice or 4 times daily till 5 days helped facilitate healing.


It is a compound innately present in some berry forms, grape, peanut & red wine. Resveratrol has garnered ample interest as a likely cancer therapy & for its capability of prolonging life. Such effects are indicated in test-tube trials & in several animal models, though not in human trials. Analogously, resveratrol has been found to stall HSV1 development in test-tube studies. It might just bear out to be a fine cure for cold sores, though there isn’t ample proof as of now.

Cold sores are an utter annoyance and could be excruciating & appalling to see. Though several therapies exist for cold sores, there is absence of any cure for it. The positive side is that cold sores do subside sooner or later, even sans the usage of cold sores cure.

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