New Invention to Measure the Pesticide Content Present in Food and our Body

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All of us are concerned about the pesticides we consume in our daily life through the food we eat, the air we breathe and we are helpless as we are not aware of the remedies for this situation.

Pesticide in foodA young scientist from Imtech, has developed a biosensor chip that tells us how much pesticide is there in our cold drinks, food or even the amount that has already entered our body’s blood stream. This match box sized chip weighs 200 gms and costs only Rs 5.

This low cost bio chip uses a simple affinity based electrochemical technique to detect toxic materials in the environment quickly and with high degree of sensitivity. The same sensor can also be used for diabetic markers, thyroid markers, and cardiac markers. In simple terms this means that the blood test through this chip can predict if you have a risk of heart attack, thyroid or diabetes.

Pesticides usage raises lots of environmental concerns, and over 98% of the sprayed pesticides reach a destination other than their targets. These organic toxins enter animal or human body directly or indirectly through food or drinking water.

Pesticides have a high toxic content; hence it is imperative to monitor the levels of pesticide in our body with this device.

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