Decisive Human MOT Health Test

Posted in Healthy Living 1 Comment on February 16th, 2010

Top experts have presented a human MOT test for males to gauge any likely risks of developing health condition. Breathlessness in wintry weather Breathlessness is an indicator of cardiovascular system exerting greater effort in functioning normally. This issue becomes more pronounced when the heart is under certain strain. In case one is feeling more than normal breathlessness in icy weather conditions or subsequent to have eaten a full meal then it could be suggestive of furred up arteries (partial or complete arterial blockage due to fatty plaque deposition). The analogous holds true in case there is unanticipated and abnormally more breathlessness felt when one exerts oneself like doing an uphill walk or working out at the gym. Pains or a constricted sensation felt in the chest area are other caveat symptoms. Subsequent Measures Experts believe that instead of simply putting up with it, it would always be wise to undergo a medical examination. In case a doctor considers a person  [...]

Simple, Economical Amendments to a Green and Healthy Abode

Posted in Healthy Living No discussion yet on January 18th, 2010

Making one’s dwelling healthy and safe does not essentially have to be costly or overwhelm us or appear a mammoth task as all that is needed is making some basic yet crucial modifications. A number of these are uncomplicated repairs whereas there are others which could need re-examining protracted lifestyle practices. Steering clear or curbing toxin exposure like those of lead, pesticide is vital as researches have revealed that being overexposed to them could harm the brain, CNS (central nervous system), lead to behavioural issues, make one asthmatic and even lead to cancer among the several others detrimental effects. Below explained are ways of cutting down this injurious exposure. Dust-Busting the House Household dust tends to aggravate allergic reactions. One resolution would be frequent vacuuming scrupulously in the nooks, budging gear around to facilitate thorough cleaning. Ensuring that the vacuum cleaner has a powerful suctioning feature and HEPA filters to draw dust particles  [...]

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