Vitamin C Supplements for Healthy Living

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Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is known to stimulate various health benefits in the body. First and foremost, the supplements of this essential vitamin are known to offer protection against common cold. The inflammation inhibitory action of ascorbic acid further works towards healing the wounds at a much faster pace. They protect and shield the gums from infestation of bacteria present in the food. Several doctors prescribe the daily consumption of flavonoids, an essential supplement of Vitamin C, to patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders. This is because the vitamin is known for its medicinal properties in stabilizing the level of cholesterol and lipid in the body.

ScurvyOne of the most common diseases that occur due to the deficiency of Vitamin C is scurvy. This condition leads to the occurrence of soft and gullible gums, edema, bleeding underneath the skin and poor wound healing efficiency of the body. Further, supplements of vitamin C are known to be excellent sources of anti-oxidants. These chemicals are known to kick out the foreign and unwanted infestations inside the body. They improve the functioning of immune system which leads the body towards its growth and development.  At last, this vitamin is known to save the person from contracting eye problems like cataracts.

How should you take vitamin C supplements for enjoying their maximum benefits? Medical experts suggest taking these supplements in small dosages several times in a day. This will make sure that there’s a continuous supply of the vitamin in your blood stream. If you take a high dosage of vitamin C supplement instead of dividing it into several small dosages, you may end up irritating your digestive tract. Some physicians also suggest taking vitamin C supplements along with supplements of vitamin A for ensuring complete absorption of vitamin C. Supplements containing bioflavonoid complex also helps in proper absorption of vitamin C.

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